Friday, July 22, 2016

Weekly Wrap-Up and F.F.F. 07.22.16

It's Friday, lovely Friday! (said in a sing-song voice)

It is a beautiful, summery HOT day here in the midwest. It's been a great week and I'm ready to share 5 highlights from it. 

1. Feelings of accomplishment: I've been getting a lot done this week and even tackled that old bug-a-boo, the filing! (I love messing with office supplies; therefore, I love creating files. Filing? Not so much.)

2. New shoes: it just makes a girl feel good.

3. PicMonkey: I love editing pics and making collages for my blog. I love free. These two things go together well. 

4. Foot soaking:  This week, I happened to stop in at Bath and Body Works to buy their foaming hand soaps that were on sale. They were giving away one free item if you spent at least $10. So, I got a tube of their Aromatherapy foot scrub in the Stress Relief fragrance of Eucalyptus Spearmint and have been giving my feeties daily soaks. Heaven!

5. Quote of the week:

Will Rogers is quoted as saying, "Never miss a good chance to shut up." [seen online]
In this age of everyone expressing their opinions on social media, that quote makes a lot of sense!

Heading into the weekend, I'm excited I have a big part of my Sunday School lesson already done since Saturday will be a long day. We will be attending a memorial service for an aunt of Jim's who passed away recently, in addition to all the other activities Saturdays bring. I'm thinking my Sunday afternoon nap will be a real treat.

How did YOUR week go? I'd love to hear all about it. Leave a comment, or link up your own post at the site of our fabulous Friday's Fave Five hostess, Susanne.


Anonymous said...

Love that quote! Now I need to heed it. Glad you had a good week. A foot soaking sounds real good. Have a wonderful weekend.

betty said...

I like PicMonkey, great site! Seems like it was a good week, hope you get a bit of a rest for the weekend


Linda Stoll said...

I've been putting off putting PicMonkey to work, Jerralea. I need to learn how to navigate it ... and you've encouraged me today!


Susanne said...

I love bath and body's stree free fragrance! And we go through scads of foaming hand soap because of the dayhome. I should see if they have that deal here. I should check out PicMonkey. I've been using iPiccy which is also free and pretty good!

Patti said...

Hi Jerralea, thank you for your visit to my Friday's Five Fave post.

I love me a good foot soak. Talk about a relaxing way to spend a half hour or so. In fact, it sounds really great about now, as I got some new sandals the other day, and they are pinching my feet a little bit.

So many people I know really love Pic Monkey, but I haven't been able to figure out how to work it. I need to learn, though, because my picture quality isn't very good. I could sure use some enhancement.

That is a great quote. One of my faves is very similar. It goes, "The real art of conversation is leaving unsaid the tempting thing at the tempting moment." Like mean social media comments with those who differ from us politically.

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend.


Michele Morin said...

I guess I need to look into PicMonkey - I struggle with pictures! I always enjoy your recap posts!

Faith said...

picmonkey is a good site!!! and sooo easy to use I never have to ask my graphic design daughter how to tweak my photos :)

sounds like you had a great week and i love when hand soaps are on sale!!

Hope you had a wonderful SS lesson and a restful weekend in spite of your busy Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. I remember how much I hate filing, too. Now it's electronic filing ;-) But a lot easier. Hope your weekend went as well as you'd hoped, especially that nap on Sunday afternoon!

Willow said...

May I confess? I love filing!
That quote should be on everyone's facebook page as their cover photo! LOL!

Lisa notes... said...

I love office supplies too. Especially getting them and organizing them (not so much actually using them, ha). Glad you had a good week, Jerralea! It’s been hot in my neck of the woods too. 100 degrees is just a bit much. :)

Karen said...

You just gave me an 'ah-hah!' moment. I love playing with office supplies, too, but the follow-up in keeping organized is not so much fun. I guess I keep shopping for newer and better supplies, thinking it will help.

I've heard good things about PicMonkey. I should give it a try. I still use Picasa and have never loved it, but it seems like too much effort to start over.

Wonderful quote, especially given the time of year. I want facts, not opinions! Just the facts, please:)