Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Daybook: 07.12.16

For Today, Tuesday, July 12

Looking out my window, I see overcast skies with occasional bursts of sunshine.

I am thinking what a wonderful Sunday we just had, great services and a great move of the Spirit.

I am thankful God answers prayer. One of the couples that attends our church has a granddaughter whose blood sugars tested really high. The doctor scheduled a fasting blood sugar test a couple weeks. Juvenile diabetes was suspected. In the meantime, every service we had, we prayed and asked God for a miracle.  Guess what? Her blood levels were perfect the day of the test. No diabetes!

One of my favorite things is visiting a new lake. We had been to Rend Lake before, but not to this area of the lake. I felt like I was at the beach!

I am wearing white jean capris, a purple cami and an electric blue cardi. Tying it all together was a purple and blue necklace I had found recently while yard saling.

I am creating an example for the people in my world.

I am hoping to carve out more time for writing.

I am learning how deep and how wide the love of God is!

In my kitchen tonight we had lemon butter chicken, baked sweet potatoes and green beans.

Shared Quote

"When you doubt He does all things well, you've left the Secret Place." Rev. David Gibbs, Jr.

A moment from my day - nothing is more daily than this spot I sit in every day of my life. The scripture art is a good reminder about not letting my mind wander.

Um... I love pens ... and scripture

Closing Notes:

This week for me is one of back to work, of struggling to put into place strategies I've come up with to balance my work load, and a flurry of thoughts on a topic I'm anxious to share with you when the time is right.

May you have a productive blessed week!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, for answered prayer. Love the scripture art above your work area. Hope your week is going well...

Linda Ann Nickerson said...

What an awesome testimony of the healed child! God is good!

Way too hot here for a cardi. Maybe a cami, but not a cardi! ;-)

Your quiet time spot looks inviting. Love the Scripture graphic.

Supper sounds great! I love making baked sweet potatoes - but with butter and salt, instead of brown sugar (as many have them).

I'll have to double back, once you spill your upcoming secret. <><

betty said...

Looks like such a pretty lake! It is so good God always answers prayers!


Smily said...

I think water is a kind of everlasting sourse of life energy. It is surely good to live near the lake.