Friday, June 17, 2016

Weekly Wrap-Up and F.F.F.

This has got to stop. Fridays come before I've even reached the peak of what I think the week should hold.

One of the ways to slow time down is to stop and be mindful of your days. Really experience them and remember the gifts they bring you.

Which is a segue into why I do the Friday's Fave Five post each week - stopping and looking back each week and remembering when good things happen helps me number my days. I sometimes wonder that if I didn't do that, would I remember anything about my life at all?

1. Last Saturday, I went yard saling with two of my three daughters and my grandbabies. (One daughter was away on a camping trip.) It was a fun day and for once I did find some goodies. Love the time hanging out with the girls.

2. Monday, our ladies' group had a dessert fellowship at My Daddy's Cheesecake. We had a wonderful time of visiting, trying out new flavors of cheesecake and sharing our vision for the Women's Ministry in the days ahead. Mississippi Mud Cheesecake is awesome. Just sayin'.

3. Our son-in-law came home on leave on Wednesday. They had a great day of family fun in St. Louis. Makes my heart happy when they are able to be together.

4. We've had really hot days here and so my hubby decided to get our little window a/c unit out of storage and put it in the office because our main a/c doesn't reach that space so well. Oh my! What a difference! Every summer, I say a special thank you to God for air conditioning.

5. Quote of the week:

The opposite of hustle is come.  Alexandra Kuykendall, Learning to Love My Actual Life

No pictures this week, and very little writing happened on the Journey this week. I hope to remedy that soon. However, there has been a lot of thinking and seeking direction, which I expect to bear fruit in the near future.

And so ends another week on the Journey. How did your week go? I'd love to know. Leave a comment, or consider joining the F.F.F. bloggers and linking up at Susanne's space, Living to Tell the Story.


betty said...

I don't know how people lived without air conditioning in the old days, so thankful I live now where we have that comfort. The weeks do sure seem to fly don't they?


Anonymous said...

Well even though your Friday arrived quickly it sounds like you had a good week. How fun to enjoy garage sales with your girls! Glad you have air conditioning.

Barbara H. said...

Love your first statement about Fridays coming so fast. I am so thankful for AC as well. I don't think I'd survive without it. The yard saling and cheesecake fellowship sound wonderful! Neat that your s-i-l could come home on leave.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. We are having the first of many heat waves to come, so I'll second your thankfulness for A/C! Your time with your girls sounds terrific -- whether you find stuff or not :-)

Wendy said...

Mississippi mud pie cheesecake sounds delicious.

Willow said...

Yep, I agree with the week ending before it barely begins. And air conditioning is a true blessing on those super hot days.
Yay for leave!! With a military son and son-in-law, I totally get that.

Jamie Miles said...

Window units can make such s difference. Thank God for modern appliances. You are right to be mindful. I'm not the best at it. My days fly by and I'm afraid a lot of time is spend thinking -- or worrying -- about tomorrow. Have a great week.

Faith said...

we just had to turn our central air on last night as we are facing the next couple of days into the 90s and have 3 more days of school!!

i will be glad when Wed is kver and I can enjoy summer break for 10 glorious weeks!!

that is such a special time to spend with your girls! i love days like that!!

hope your weekend has been awesome

Michele Morin said...

Always enjoy your updates!