Monday, April 25, 2016


You might be a Christian, if you ... have prayed for unspoken prayer requests.

Most times when we Christians gather for a service of any kind, we have a time when people are free to speak out loud a prayer need. Perhaps we ourselves, or someone we know, is sick or in need of a job or some sort of struggle. We speak the need and agree together to pray for that person. Usually a time of corporate prayer follows the requests and the person leading the prayer will mention the requests as he or she prays. 

God knows the need without us speaking it aloud. He always knows what we need anyway, but He wants to include us in His doings and that is why we offer requests at prayer time.

"You have not, because you ask not," James tells us in scripture.

Sometimes, a person might have something weighing on their heart that is just too personal, too intimate and private, to air out loud. When the person conducting the prayer service asks for prayer requests, the person with the burden might raise their hand and say, "I have an unspoken prayer request."

Times like those are when we pray knowing God's in control and we can leave it in His hands knowing He wants the best for us.

The others around don't need to know WHAT the request is, they just rally around the person with request and ask God to have His way with the need. 

Trust. We trust Him to take care of the situation.

And He does. Every time, in His time. 


Here is a YouTube video of The McKamey's singing a song, "An Unspoken Request." I love this song which captures the essence of what an unspoken request really means.

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Megan Whitson Lee said...

This is powerful...and so true. The unspoken prayers, when answered, are often the ones we're most grateful for. They are the heartsongs, the longings--those things we didn't even know we could ask for. He is such a wonderful Provider.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that this is one I have a problem with. I could be a little harsh to say unspoken maybe should remain unspoken. I'd also prefer to discuss my issues in person and not in writing. It definitely is a Christian thing, though...

betty said...

I've been on both sides, have prayed for unspoken prayer requests and have requested prayer for unspoken things before. Usually when I'm praying for an unspoken prayer request I'll say something along the lines of "God you know what the request is from this person; thy will be done for your glory. Help them to know you are there for them and will answer this in your perfect timing and will."