Wednesday, April 13, 2016


You might be a Christian, if you ... enjoy koinonia with your brothers and sisters at church.

Huh? What is koinonia? It's a Greek word, pronounced koy-nohn-ee'-ah, and it means fellowship.

Since the beginning of the Early Church, Christians fellowshipped.

"They were continually and faithfully devoting themselves to the instruction of the apostles, and to fellowship, to eating meals together and to prayers." (Acts 2:42 AMP)

I cannot lie; in today's church world, fellowship most often has an element of FOOD involved. (Can't nobody cook like church ladies!) However, fellowship does mean more than just eating together. It's doing life together. Sharing our experiences. Praying for one another. Getting and giving advice. Crying together and rejoicing together. Laughing together.

At my church, we actually had koinonia this past Sunday afternoon. Of course, we ate together, but we also traded salvation stories, found out who were deacons' kids growing up, shared some of our deep-seated fears (mine was the fear of mice, another lady was afraid of spiders, another was afraid of ... feet ... well, you just had to be there to understand that one.) We had a blast and walked away feeling like there were ladies who understood what we feel.

Koinonia - priceless!


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Anonymous said...

I do enjoy fellowship...especially when food is involved. You are ladies can do some serious cooking! I enjoyed this post so much...brought back some wonderful memories of special times of koinonia.

Faith said...

Since I am in a "mega- church" (with 3 sister sites around our Capital Region of NY), with about 2100 who show up over the 3 weekend services at our main site (the one me and my family belong to), we have to be very intentional about fellowship. Therefore, we all belong to a small group (Bible study, social events, prayer, service projects). I lead one, my husband is in one that a former member of mine with her husband leads, and my recent college grad daughter is in one for people ages 18-30. My youngest is in one geared for high school students plus the youth group meetings. We LOVE being part of a small group to do life together!!! I don't keep a focus on food though at my meetings on Thursday nights because some of the ladies are struggling with weight issues......but i ALWAYS have good coffee in the brewer, several k cup choices for the keurig, hot teas, cold sparkling waters. And every once in awhile we have a dessert night :) I love doing life with my group!! sometimes we include the husbands or families too for service projects or social events (hikes, dinners, movie nights, bonfires, ) LOVED this post!!!!

betty said...

Fellowship truly is important in the body of believers :) And I'm convinced, and I have said it before, all food consumed in such a way has no calories :)


Anonymous said...

Nothing compares with food and true honest fellowship!