Wednesday, March 2, 2016

One Necessary Thing

Jesus said there is one thing needed to be done.

One thing.

Are you listening?

Yep, that's it. Listening.

Oh, I don't mean listening to just everything. The world endlessly dishes up a cacophony of sound every second of every hour.

We are so used to constant noise that if we have a space of true silence where the only thing that could be heard would be that still small voice of the Holy Spirit, we'd be scrambling to fill up that space with music or really just anything. Anything to keep us from hearing  our own thoughts, our conscience, or even the voice of God.

The one thing that we must, above all else, find time to do is to listen to the heart of Jesus.

There once was two sisters. One was a do-er, a go-getter, the hostess with the mostest. You know, the type A personality we all want to be. 

The other was more of a worshiper. She spent her time listening at the feet of her Savior. Listening - really listening -soaking in His life-giving words. She had ears to hear.

She got Him. She understood.

In a little vignette, Luke describes the scene where Sister Martha complains in her Type-A way about all that needs to be done and slacker Sister Mary? She. Is. Not. Helping.

Jesus tenderly spoke with a little humor, "Martha, Martha, you are worried and anxious about many things."

Can't you just see it? I imagine Jesus to be shaking his head slightly as he tells her this.

"But Mary has chosen the good part and it won't be taken away from her."

See, it's a choice. Choose to spend time with the Savior. Listen more than you talk. As for those riches He gives you in that quiet space? Those nuggets of truth? The revelation gems of knowledge that you just never saw before?

You'll have them forever.

I'm linking this post up at The Loft, a community of Christian bloggers. This week, the topic is listen. I've an idea there will be several posts about listening for the heart of Jesus. Because that is what this group does. Come join us!
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Satisfaction Through Christ


Gena Hood said...

I am so glad that "Listening" was the topic for this Loft session. It is one on which I need to meditate. I need to carve out time to be still and listen. Thank you for your post, Jerralea!

Leah Adams said...

My friend, what a beautiful reminder of the value of sitting at the feet of Jesus to listen to His heart. The older I grow, the more I am doing that. I love your voice here at The Loft.

Linda Stoll said...

Yes, Jerralea ... we have a choice, a series of choices. Now ... to get on the path to make the one that pleases Him most.

Thank you for these wise words ...

Anonymous said...

Great passage to choose for this theme. So many voices shouting for our attention.

Brandy Ann said...

Wow. I really needed to hear/read this today.
I too often struggle with the "I need to be good enough" scenario and more times than not, forget that the only job I am fully suppose to do is Listen. HE will tell me what is good enough, HE will tell me what needs to be done, HE will lead to to where I need to be. HE is the reason for all and the way to everything.
Thank you for your wise insight!


Denise said...

amen, very true.

Faith said...

I really enjoyed this Jerralea. Our pastor did part of a sermon once about the differences between Mary and Martha was most likely an "acts of service" person as her primary love language. serving, we do need to be listening to that still small Voice don't we? I loved this!! Thanks for sharing it.

betty said...

I have to admit, I need to work more on my listening skills with the Lord. I tend to talk, talk, talk, talk in prayer and I need to be still and allow Him to talk back to me.


Just Joy said...

Oh I remember when I got it, back when I hit my knees with my mouth running - telling God all about it and what I needed. Feeling frustrated I said to Him one day "Why don't you speak to me like other people claim you do?" I heard the chiding in His voice when He replied "Because I can't get a word in edgewise." Rebuke duly noted I began to develop the discipline of listening prayer. Deeper, richer, sweeter is our communion now.

Ceil said...

Hi Jerralea! I like the little study you did on Martha/Mary. You are so right about silence. I try every day to pray in the quiet, and let me tell you. some days it's a real fight. My mind just goes crazy thinking about so many things. I always think my head must be so relieved to finally have my full attention!

But may God bless me with the desire to meet Him in the quiet times, the times I can hear Him the best.

Michele Morin said...

This is so good, Jerralea. I've never considered the listening part of Mary's devotion. (Figures, right?) I need this reminder to attend to His words and really be present in my hearing and reading.