Thursday, March 17, 2016

I wish I could ...

March 2012

I wish I could footloose and fancy-free and have the time to explore the woods looking for signs of Spring.

March 2013

Or ... I wish I could.... have time to do something crafty and creative. My inner creativity is being squelched!

March 2014

I wish I could ... have fresh flowers displaying their cheery presence and fragrance every day and in every room of the house. I think flowers will be in heaven ... I just bet they are more gorgeous.

March 2015

I wish I could ... take a drive and see the how the countryside is greening up. After the long drab cheerless days of winter, my soul is thirsting for color. Thank you, Lord, for the beautiful shades of color You have made.

March 2016

You are an awesome God! Thank You for all the beauty You've made. I wish I could share Your goodness with everybody.

What do you wish you could do?

Mama’s Losin’ It

This post was written in response to two of the prompts at the Writer's Workshop: 1. Throwback Thursday: Choose a photo from a previous March and write a poem or a blog post. AND 3. I wish I could…

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betty said...

I think you got one of your wishes, because you are sharing God's goodness with everyone; who knows who reads your blog that never comments but comes back to learn more about God as you share Him.


Lori said...

Lovely reminders of the beauty all around us!

Mama Kat said...

So beautiful!