Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Legacy Worth Leaving

I think there is something inside each of us that wants to be remembered when we are long gone.

Mountains climbed, new countries discovered, oceans crossed, inventions and books created - all resulted in making a name for oneself. We remember Sir Edmund Hillary, Christopher Columbus, Magellan, Alexander Graham Bell, and Charles Dickens. Their names are so recognizable; we know their accomplishments without even mentioning what they were.

Let's be real - we can't all do things that noteworthy. However, I do want to make a mark in this world that will live on after I'm gone. Definitely my children and grandchildren are an important part of that legacy and I'm thrilled to have them.

This week, I ran across this quote from E. M. Bounds on Prayer:

"Prayers out live the lives of those who uttered them – outlive a generation, outlive an age, outlive the world." 

The words leaped off the page and into my thoughts when I read them. How mind-blowing! Here is a way that any believer can leave behind something that will live on forever.

My dad's prayers for me? Still living, even though he has been with Jesus over a quarter of a century now.

My grandma's prayers for me? Still living.

If any of my great-greats prayed for their future family, their prayers are still alive and before the throne of God.

In Revelation chapter 8 we read that ALL the prayers of the saints were presented with incense before the throne. Those prayers had not disappeared, expired or "gone bad!"

Think about it; if the God who numbers the hairs on our heads and collects our tears cares that much, would He mark a prayer as "null and void" once the person praying had passed?

Before my dad died, he and I had a talk. He was worried the grandkids would forget him. This is a natural fear any of us would have had. I assured him I would tell the kids all about him, and I have done so well at this - it might even be considered overkill.

If he'd realized his prayers lived on after him, I think he would have been comforted. I know the thought brings ME a lot of comfort.

Now, I have a job to do: get busy praying. Oh, sure, I'll pray my family and friends are happy, healthy and successful people; but, more importantly, I'm going to pray scripture over them. I'm going to pray they engage in kingdom work for Him and for them to be victorious. I'll pray the peace that passes all understanding rest on them. I'll pray the fruit of the Spirit increases in them more and more.

Will you join me? Decide now to leave a legacy that will live forever - a legacy of prayer.

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Linda Stoll said...

Thanks for sharing the family legacies that are shaping you to be a woman of faith, Jerralea!

What a privilege to begin designing who we want to be remembered as ... and living out that master design He's placed on our hearts ...


Anonymous said...

Amen. Love these thoughts. Reading E.M.Bounds really gave me such great perspective on prayer. I like this kind of legacy. My dear old pop prays for each of his kids, grands and great grands every day. My little grandma was a prayer warrior. It's good to respond to the Spirit's prompts for prayer.

Christine Malkemes said...

Living prayers! What a thought. I love how you shared this truth from your heart. I was touched. Thank you.

betty said...

It did dawn on me the other day when I was praying for something, how my mom must have prayed and that some of her prayers were probably being answered now even though she passed almost 10 years ago. It is a good reminder to keep praying; been even starting to pray for my 6 week old grandson for his future mate.


Leah Adams said...

What an amazing post, Jerralea! I had not read that quote by Bounds, but it is so true. Legacy is such an important word for me and I am always conscious of it. Now, I will be even more so as I pray. Thank you, thank you for such a beautiful post.

Ceil said...

Hi Jerralea! I remember reading somewhere that in God's eyes, there is no time. There is no yesterday or today or tomorrow. It's all the same, that's why He lives ever in the 'now'. I think that's why prayers remain timeless, even in the 'now'.
It is interesting to think if I'll have any legacy past my children or grandchildren. I know your blog is so your children and grands will have a place to meet you. I think that's brilliant...your words will go on!
Easter blessings,

Carlie said...

I love this, Jerralea! I found that quote recently as well and it has brought me great comfort. It was quoted in an article that told about a saint who had prayed for the salvation of a number of persons. All of them eventually were saved; the last few after his passing. It gave me hope that God hears, and answers prayers in His timing and even after I'm gone my prayers will live on before Him. Yes, that is the legacy I wish to leave.