Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Of Men, Boys, Mentors and Geese

Today is pot-luck at The Loft, a time when any topic can be discussed. I've decided to re-post one of my favorite blog posts from a couple years ago. I'm hoping you will be blessed if you would click on the link and read my fiction piece based on a true story, The Man and the Boy.

Recently, I read about slip-streaming on one of the blogs I frequent. I've looked and looked but cannot seem to find the particular post I read, but the principle of slip-streaming is very like the one of spiritual drafting that I wrote about in The Man and the Boy. A group of geese flying in formation uses the principle of slip-streaming because the head goose pierces through the air and the geese behind him have an easier time with less wind resistance.

A mentor can be like that head goose, making the path easier for those following behind. There are so many examples of mentoring relationships in the Bible:  Moses and Joshua, Elijah and Elisha, Paul and Timothy, even the women of Titus 2. My question to you today is this:  Are you blazing a trail for someone who is following along on the Journey? The truth is that there are always observers of our Journey. We can show them a person that perseveres and trusts in God no matter where the path takes us, or we can show them a person who stops often along the way and gets lost because of a lack of trust in the Guide.

It's your choice!

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Denise said...

nice post.

Linda Stoll said...

Hi Jerralea ... So very good to meet you via The Loft today. And mentoring? Everyone should be a mentor and everyone should have one.

Where would we be without those sisters who poured themselves into our lives ... and how would we be investing our time if we weren't pouring into the next generation?

betty said...

That was a valuable lesson learned in the story of the Man and the Boy. I think mentors are so important for any time of our lives. I was mentored and mentored in the past; need to get back to it. I think it is good to have someone walk alongside you and encourage you, pray for you, etc., as well as have fun together. I think God's intent was this in the examples of mentoring in the Bible between those you listed and I'm sure so many more.


Michele Morin said...

Very convicting. I've been challenged by posts I've read here in the Loft to be more intentional about this very thing. God has graciously brought influential women into my life, and now I want to be faithfully building into the lives of others. Thanks, Jerralea!

Leah Adams said...

Gosh, how I love this post, Jerralea! What a wonderful reminder of the value of mentoring. I actively mentor others, but you post reminds me that it is a God ordained task. Thank you!!