Friday, February 5, 2016

F.F.F. - 02.04.06

I was thinking I had too much to do this week to work in doing a Friday's Fave Five, but I realized that's crazy talk. There is always time to reflect on blessings!

I have 5 answered prayers to share with you today - 5! And they all happened in one day ...

At our midweek service, we had a ton of prayer requests, and we faithfully shared them. Then we went on to our teaching for that week. We were studying about church membership and responsibilities of the church member. The topic was serving in the church and its outreach according to your abilities. Our discussion had just got to the point where it was mentioned that being a prayer warrior is the very most important job in the church and one we can't do without; and then God put us to the test! One of the ladies in our group got an emergence message:  Her niece, who was 25 weeks pregnant, was in labor and was being flown to St. Louis to St. John's Mercy Hospital to see if labor could be stopped.

We stopped the lesson and bombarded heaven with our prayers, begging God to have mercy and save this little one and his mama. We asked God to let baby Corbin live and let him be a testimony of God's goodness.

There were other serious needs mentioned that night as well.

And then came Thursday, Day of Miracles - at least in my mind!

1. Baby Corbin was still where he needed to be - safe in his mama's womb. Labor was stopped. Mama will have to be on bed rest but we are praising God for answered prayer.

2. Our sweet Sister Florence had been ill so long and it seemed the doctors were not sure of the problem. She had her gall bladder out Thursday and is doing so much better. The gall bladder looked like it had went bad a long time ago, doctor said;  and so, our prayers for finding the source of Florence's problems was answered.

3. Also on Thursday, surgery was being done on a lady who had a mass on her spine and was in horrific pain. There was danger of paralysis. It was said she'd have to be in ICU when the surgery was completed. Surgery went well, and she immediately was placed in a regular room, NOT ICU.

4. But that wasn't the best part:  this lady had been hurt in the past and wanted nothing to do with God but on Thursday, Day of Miracles, she accepted the Lord as her Savior.  Woo Hoo!

5. Last, but certainly not least, there was a lady who came to my office seeking help with utility bills. She was so down and discouraged and I just felt a prompting from the Holy Spirit that here was a person who was ready to have her life changed. I told the Pastor about this prompting and he asked me to set up a meeting with her and her husband. He wanted to present the gospel to them; because what good is helping with a utility bill, if you don't help them with the most pressing need in their lives - peace with God? I was able to get them to agree to come see Pastor on Thursday. Wednesday, I asked my church to pray for this lady, that I felt the Lord wanted to do something for her. Well, now I can say, I have a new sister in Christ and it was beautiful to see the joy on her face.

So, yes, to me Thursday is a Day of Miracles.

How did your week go? If you'd like to share your blessings, leave a comment, or link up a post of your own at Susanne's space, "Living to Tell the Story."

We need your stories! It gives us all hope.


Faith said...


Man, Jerralea....if Susanne had awards for best FFF yours would win this week!! What awesome answers to prayer. I just love every one of your faves. GOD IS GOOD!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! I am so glad you wrote these down. What a wonderful record of God's care, faithfulness, and provision - and two new siblings in Christ to welcome to the family!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful answers to prayer. Praise the lord!

Denise said...


betty said...

There is power in prayer! Awesome answers to prayer! I will keep little Corbin in my prayers that he will stay in his mom's womb until he is full term. My DIL had some bleeding around 22 weeks, lots of prayers went up, I was so very thankful when she made it to 37 weeks. God is good all the time.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a wonderful response to your church family's refocusing on a most important aspect of Christian life -- interceding for others. I'm so glad you took time to share these gracious answers from God.

Lux G. said...

5 answered prayer in a day. Wow! You must be God's favorite. :)

Willow said...

Oh your five faves made me cry! I am so thankful. God's blessings, truly!

Susanne said...

What a wonderful week of miracles you have had! Praise God!