Saturday, January 30, 2016

F.F.F. - 01.29.16

Can you believe it? January is almost over! It's a good thing I stop each week (well, nearly each week!) to reflect on the blessings that have come my way on the Journey.

You can always find at least 5 highlights if you look for them.

1. This gorgeous sunset my husband and I saw on our way to church last Sunday night. And speaking of being on our way to church, I'm thankful my hubby is well enough to go with me to evening services. Not too many moons ago, it was rare that he was able to go.

2. Monday was my birthday and I had a wonderful day. We actually celebrated two different days - Sunday dinner out with the fam and then my thoughtful friends presented me with a cake on Monday after business meeting. (Yeah, the meeting fell on my birthday but it ended up being all good.) Some kind friends sent flowers to the office for my birthday. I am blessed!

3. These monkeys brightened my week:

They are so funny!

4. On Wednesday I wrote a post about savoring - both food and the scriptures. I promised you guys a couple weeks back to share a list of my favorite soups, so I included my favorite links to soup recipes. You can find them at the bottom of my Savoring post. Enjoy!

5. Quote of the week:

"Not called to full-time ministry? You're called to full-time Christianity!" (Read Romans 12:1) Rev. Kim Ferguson

And so ends another week on the Journey. How did YOUR week go? I'd love to know! Leave a comment or link up your own post to Susanne's space at Living to Tell the Story.


Willow said...

Happy Birthday (belated) to you! It sounds like you had a great day.
Love those happy little ones!
I'm a huge soup fan too so I'm going to go check out those recipes.

Mary Hutchins said...

Seems you had a great week, thanks for sharing with us. Your sunset pic is so pretty, our Creator is a great Artist. Your visitors are precious! Happy Birthday a few days late. Have a great day.

Schotzy said...

I Love that word'savor".. savoring both food and Scripture is a high calling.. I intend to take that one very seriously!!!For one thing, my grandpa told me to chew twice as long on half as much... I think that would work with scripture as well... ... meaning to relally get it ceeply planted in even if it is one scripture at a time!!!!

Anonymous said...

I like it when birthday celebrations are extended!
That quote is good...
Glad you had a good week.

betty said...

That is such a beautiful sunset :) Does sound like you had great birthday celebrations :)


Faith said...

Happy belated Birthday, Jerralea! It sounds like a perfect day. Love the flowers from your friend and yay for God's handiwork via beautiful sunsets.

The twins are getting big! love seeing pics of your darling grands.

Love that quote...and I will check out the links to the soups...we love homemade soups in winter.

happy Sabbath day!

Monica said...

Happy Birthday Jerralea! I was on vacation last week and have missed so much! Lots of reading to get caught up on. Hope your weekend is going well! Beautiful here in Missouri!

Ceil said...

Hi Jerralea! Happy birthday to you! I'm glad you had two opportunities to celebrate, that's so fun! How fun to be with your grands too. They really liven up the festivities, don't they?
Love those flowers too. What thoughtful friends you have! And I joined your Pinterest site for soups. Yum!!

Susanne said...

Happy belated birthday to you! Sounds like you were celebrated wonderfully between family and friends. Your grandkids are so cute. I loooove soup! I'll have to check out those recipes.

Denise said...

glad you enjoyed your birthday