Tuesday, November 3, 2015

What We Learned in October

What We Learned in October

It's November 2 - late in the day - and I'm only now beginning my What We Learned in October post. October was a month filled with activity and angst. No wonder I'm behind!
  1. I've put my 31 Days of Life Stories series to bed. Now I'm a wordy soul, but I made the mistake of picking a topic so close to the theme of the 2014 31 Day Challenge, 31 Days of Life on the Journey that it made life difficult coming up with new material. Who does that to themselves?  I've got all year to think of a new theme - hopefully, one that is not nostalgic. 
  2. In October, I discovered I do need more sleep. I stayed in bed one day for 11½ hours and found when I got up that it is possible to feel well-rested after all. 
  3. The angst part of October involved a decision I, as part of the Board, had to make at church that involved, really, the life of the church. I wanted so desperately to get it right. I had several sleepless hours wrestling with the issue. Then I read a blog-post over at Lisa Notes that really helped me. I saw these words from J. I. Packer:

So ultimately, what does God want from us?

Not to frantically think we have to find the correct answer to everything, or to have total assurance for every decision we make.

But to believe that he has it all under control.
It was like a breath of fresh air to my worried mind. God is bigger than any mistake I could ever make. He knows my heart and how very much I want to please Him. If I should miss the will of God, He can get me - and the church - back on track. 

Lisa ended the article with this Packer quote:

“Whatever happens, whatever mistakes we may make, we shall come safe home. Slipping and strayings there will be, no doubt, but the everlasting arms are beneath us; we shall be caught, rescued, restored. This is God’s promise; this is how good He is.”

I think really this is how I want to look back and remember October - focusing on how good He is.

Because really if I can get that deep in my heart and mind where it is the first response to anything that makes me anxious? Then I've learned the best lesson I could learn.


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betty said...

I need to get that lesson and words into my heart for when that pesky anxiety hits. Seems like October was a good learning month :)


meha said...

I have been learning to take a Sabbath we all need rest.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jerralea!!! Your words really really blessed me!!! Such truths!!! Yes, we can trust the LORD to complete His Will in our lives and in our hearts IF we have placed our trust and our lives in His Hand! Our LORD loves us more than we can even comprehend with our small minds. "not to frantically think we have to find the correct answers".... oh so true! Thanks for sharing my Sister!!! hugs~

Lisa notes... said...

I'm so glad that Packer's words were able to minister to you, Jerralea!

Along those lines of being content with uncertainty, I have to share about a message I get every few days, including this morning: one of our friend's daughter is getting married in a few weeks, and every few days the mom sends out a message trying to get people to say how many people are coming to the reception. I so want to send her a reply to say she will NEVER know how many people are going to come to the reception! ha. (But I won't.)

It's so hard to be satisfied with not knowing. But we sometimes just have to make our best guess and move on. The Lord always has our back.

Fully rested? I don't get that too often either (I wake up too much during the night and can't return to sleep). But when I do, it's luxurious! Is this how normal people feel? :)

Anonymous said...

wonderful quotes and lessons to learn from them!!


Hi Jerralea, rest is a good thing. Helps us de-stress. Quite a lot of learning you had.
Thank you for sharing them.
Sweet Blessings to you

Denise said...

thanks for sharing.