Tuesday, November 24, 2015

To Do Tuesday - 11.24.15

This is a busy week for sure. It's Thanksgiving week and a whole lot of cooking will be going on. It's also worship team practice week which always means a busy Saturday.

Whew! What a blessing it's a four day weekend!

I just want to say that I did finally get a day scheduled for our family portrait - December 29, so there's that.

I also want to give my hubby a shout-out for cleaning out the fridge for me yesterday so that we could get the turkey in there to start defrosting.

This week's To-Do's

  • Still need to get my sweaters out - I know there is a cute coral one packed away somewhere!
  • Holiday cooking - that is a given.
  • An article I've been asked to contribute
  • A creative idea I've been toying with doing ...

Of course, that list is contingent upon my getting done all my regular chores. Someday, I hope to be organized enough to show pics of my completed To Do's ...

If you'd like more inspiration, or to link up your own To Do Tuesday post, see my friend Tori at A Home Away From Home.


Simply Linda said...

Yeah...I have to get my hubby to clean out the fridge too, wink. Thanks Jerralea for the smiles. Blessings

ellen b. said...

Hats off to hubby for cleaning out that fridge. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Ceil said...

Hi Jerralea! My SIL is having Thanksgiving this year, so I only have to bring the potatoes. Phew!
I found a lot of my winter clothes yesterday, so I got them into my closet. I still had short sleeve shirts in there :) It's a job to tackle the switch in seasons isn't it? Good luck finding your coral sweater too!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration my friend, and may God send you His choicest blessings on you and yours at Christmas Season. (I know you'll have a wonderful family pic too!)

See you again in 2016, and we can continue our blog-friendship, Yay!!

betty said...

Yea that you got the portrait scheduled!! That must have been a relief :)


Susanne said...

We need to get a family portrait done but we can never seem to have all of us together. Sigh. It was so much simpler when they were young. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Angie said...

Shew, my To Do List is so long right now that I don't think I could type it all out if I wanted to!

Hope you have a productive week friend!

Denise said...

wish you success