Tuesday, November 17, 2015

To Do Tuesday: 11.17.15

It's time to list goals for the coming week, even though it feels like last week just got started ... I've an idea that some of my list from last week will be on this week's list again.

Maybe I'm the kind of person who bites off more than I can chew ....

Anyway, if you remember, last week's list had a must get done section and a want-to-get-done section.

The must get done section has pretty well been done - and it will be completely done before I go to bed tonight.

However, the want-to-do list ... well, here it is:

  • Buy the twins a Christmas outfit
  • Book a photo session for family pictures for when Daniel is home
  • Find some sweaters and a couple pair of pants I know I have somewhere packed away in a tote
  • Pack away my shorts and capris - it's time. It finally got down to 39°

  • I didn't accomplish anything on that list. 

    I tried, I really did. I figured booking the photo session was the most important, and I spent a lot of time trying to do it. What I found out is this:  coordinating a schedule among 6 grown-ups to find a free day while Daniel is home on leave to have a photo session is next to impossible. Today I'm supposed to hear from my youngest if either the 29th or the 30th of December will work. If not, I give up. It's just not meant to be.

    So this week's list is a repeat of last week's.

    How did your week go? Did you accomplish your goals? What's on the to do list for this week? If you want to link up, visit Tori at Home Away From Home. She is playing with pretty fabric this week - go check it out!


    betty said...

    Hope you can coordinate the family portrait; that would definitely be a good thing to have done :)


    Denise said...

    family picture, sounds nice.