Tuesday, October 6, 2015

To Do Tuesday #3

The day has almost slipped past me without doing my To Do Tuesday.  I can't let that happen.

My good friend, Tori, hosts To Do Tuesdays at her place, Home Away From Home. I like to join in because I'm all about listing and planning.

So here was my list from last week, and in red I typed in how I did:

  • Writing my 31 Day Writing Challenge posts - I've been consistently 3 posts ahead. I wanted to be at least a week ahead, but 3 days is better than nothing.
  • Making the burlap wreath - I haven't touched it. The supplies are spread out in my home office and mock me whenever I walk past.
  • Finishing my closet - I haven't touched it.
  • It's also Worship Team Practice week, so there are lineups to me made. - I usually do 2 weeks at a time, but IKEA happened (Grand opening of IKEA in my neck of the woods, so of course, I had to go.) and so I only did 1.
  • And, I will have to do the PowerPoints, which is a new job for me. I'm slow ... - Same thing here, I only did 1 week of PowerPoints instead of 2.

So, my performance was disappointing to say the least. However, I'm always one to look on the bright side, so hey! This is another week!

My list for the coming week will include the above (I don't have the heart to type it out again) and studying Joshua 23 and 24 for a class I'm teaching this coming Sunday. I'm also deep in Philippians 2 for my upcoming Wednesday night study.

What's on your To Do list?


Faith said...

What's on my 'to do" list?? WAY TOO MUCH! lol. Seriously...it's a busy week but a couple of things are 1. begin a photobook project from photos taken in 2012. yup. i'm THAT far behind.
2. get my new Challenge Patch sewn on to the backpack. 3. attend my teen's Open House at the high school Thursday night. 4. Prepare my backyard and snacks for our Couples Bonfire/Wine and cheese party on Saturday evening.

betty said...

I think that is great that you are ahead on the posts for your life stories; you are right, 3 ahead is better than none :)


Denise said...

well done

Tori Leslie said...

You are so good to hold yourself accountable. I love how your burlap taunts you. My whole craft room does that. BTW, 3 days ahead on your writing is great.
Hope you have a wonderful week!