Saturday, October 24, 2015

31 Days of Life Stories #24

Embarrassing stories ... the kind of story so memorable that a good portion of Life Stories include them. It's never funny at the time but it's always fun to go look back at an embarrassing event and realize, it didn't kill you!

For example, I remember so plainly my trip to Tallahassee, FL, with the Future Business Leaders of America club. I was so excited to go! We had a number of students competing in different competitions with other students from across Florida. I ended up winning #2 in the clerical competition. You can read all about it in my post, Second, written for last year's 31 Day Challenge.

Today I'm thinking of a couple incidents on that trip to Tallahassee.  I had purchased an oatmeal colored linen pants and jacket outfit with a red patterned shirt to wear during my time at the conference. Being young and inexperienced, I just threw all my things in my suitcase. When I got to the hotel I was horrified to learn that my bottle of Cover Girl liquid foundation had leaked in my suitcase all over my nice new oatmeal linen jacket. What to do?

Someone suggested I take it to the dry cleaners. I was amazed to learn you could take it to the cleaners one day and it would be ready the very next day! How cool is that? (We didn't buy very many 'dry clean only' garments at my house.) So before the evening session, my girlfriend and I walked a couple blocks to the cleaners and left my precious jacket. I prayed the makeup stains would come out because otherwise I'd have to wear the same outfit both days. Now, of course, I realize that is not such a terrible thing but to my young mind it would have been. Plus I had spent a lot of my hard-earned cash for that jacket. 

The next day, I was there bright and early to pick up my jacket which looked fantastic. I had to pay $10 to get it out, which back in the 70s seemed like a fortune to me, but it was well worth it.

I learned a good lesson - always pack anything liquid in a plastic bag. Also, always take an extra outfit... just in case.

Although inconvenient, that wasn't the embarrassing thing that happened at that trip. 

FBLA provided a nice banquet for the students. Very la-di-da with round tables set up in a circle, linen tablecloths, and servers dressed in matching uniforms. However, they made the mistake of serving us fried chicken. The servers handed us full plates with two pieces of chicken on every plate. Mine had a chicken breast and a wing on it. Not wanting to look low-class, I decided to cut my chicken up with a knife and fork. It was tough to do because my plate was crowded. I kept at it though, cutting chicken with a vengeance, and wouldn't you know it? My knife slipped knocking the wing off my plate. In fact, I had hit the wing with such force that it SAILED out into the middle of the room and landed on the floor.

Conversation ceased as all looked around to see who the crass person was that would throw chicken in the middle of the floor. Now, a sophisticated person would have looked at everyone else, too, and pretended to not know how that chicken got there.

Instead, with flaming cheeks, I got up and went to where the chicken was reposing in all it's flaky greasy glory and picked it up. I brought it back to the table and laid it on a napkin, hoping a server would come and relieve me from my shame.

Not cool. Not cool at all.

What about you? Have you ever embarrassed yourself ... in front of your whole STATE? I'd love to hear about it and find out I'm not alone!

This post is #24 in my series, 31 Days of Life Stories. Hundreds of writers are linking up at the 31 Day Writing Challenge hosted by Crystal Stine. There is a wealth of information on many topics. Go visit and see! I'll be posting under the category "Inspiration and Faith."


Denise said...

I really enjoy these stories.

Cathy said...

I bet you about died back then over that, but so glad you can laugh about it now. Thanks for sharing.

betty said...

Lesson learned indeed with the makeup, I always pack my lotion in a plastic bag these days after learning that lesson years ago.


Tori Leslie said...

I could just imagine that chicken sailing across the room. How funny!