Friday, October 16, 2015

31 Days of Life Stories #16

Recently, the topic at a place I hangout, The Loft, was on mentoring. I've been blessed to have many mentors in my life and definitely one was my Granny Violet.

I've written about her before in different posts including a piece called Wonder Granny, but she was larger than life to me and so I have more stories about her.

Before I was married, I lived with her for about 3 months.  Her little house was really open-concept. There were no bedroom doors anywhere! I often heard her praying through out the night. Some of my cherished memories are listening to her call on Jesus for family and friends. She taught me to call on the name of Jesus.

Granny had the gift of hospitality. Her greatest joy was cooking a big meal and having people over. She always had at least two main dishes, a bunch of sides, and a lot of times, there would be two desserts as well. She would often be worn out after all that cooking and have to lay down awhile before her guests arrived. I'd say, "Granny why do you make so much food? You wouldn't be so tired if you cut down on the number of dishes you are making." She'd always say, "I like to cook one time and then eat on the 'leave overs' the rest of the week." (I followed in her foot steps and make too much food to this day.)

But I think the truth was, if she had left over food, first she could give some away, and then also, there would be plenty to have on other nights and invite somebody up to eat and "Scrabble."

Oh yes, she loved to play Scrabble. Aunt Norma was her favorite scrabble partner but she always wanted me to come, too.  Also, if any of her Du Quoin relatives would come down and play, it was a red-letter day in her life. Aunt Norma often won the games which would aggravate granny's competitive spirit, but she still wanted to play all the time, win or lose. It was nothing to her to stay up until midnight playing.

Granny also loved talking on the telephone, She had certain ladies she called everyday. She called me everyday as well, and had the knack for timing her calls for just when I had dipped a toe in the bathwater! I don't know how she knew, but she always did.

She was also the kind of person that hated to miss a phone call. If she heard the phone ringing and she couldn't answer it in time, she'd spend the rest of the day calling people and saying, "This is Violet, I couldn't get to the phone in time, did you call me?"  If she called me and asked that question, if I said no, then she'd say, "Well, why didn't you call me? I always have to do all the calling." I'm ashamed to admit she was right! I didn't inherit her love of talking on the phone.

I've often wondered how she would have adjusted to cell phones. I think she would have loved them to talk on but she probably would never have texted anyone.

The thing is, she was interested in people's lives and they always responded to that interest. She knew what they were going through and who all their relatives were. If we took granny with us on a trip, inevitably she would run into someone, strike up a conversation and find out that she either knew their relatives or knew someone who did.

In fact, I think up in glory, she is having a wonderful time because now she has unlimited time to get to know each person she sees. I'm sure there is a lot of storytelling and sharing going on! And should there be any heavenly Scrabble games? Why she will be right in the middle of them!

This post is #16 in my series, 31 Days of Life Stories. Hundreds of writers are linking up at the 31 Day Writing Challenge hosted by Crystal Stine. There is a wealth of information on many topics. Go visit and see! I'll be posting under the category "Inspiration and Faith."


betty said...

What a wonderful tribute to your grandmother!! She sounds like such a lovely person!


Dianna said...

Awww, Jerralea...I loved reading about your Granny Violet. What a precious soul she must have been. Reading over your post brought back a lot of memories of both my grandmothers. Have a wonderful weekend!

Denise said...

such a beautiful tribute