Wednesday, September 2, 2015

What's On Your List?

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Do you have a bucket list?  I really haven't stop to think of a formal bucket list before, but I know there are some things I would like to see before I go Home. 

Since I have a great love of listing, today I will create a bucket list. Read along with me and see if you can relate to any of these dreams.

Places to see:

  • Ever since reading Anne of Green Gables, I have had a desire to see Prince Edward Island. Then I met Kathie of A Sparrow's Home and saw her beautiful photography of PEI. I really really want to see it for myself.
  • I think we live in a beautiful land and I love all the places I've seen so far, but I've yet to see any of New England.  I would love to go there especially when the leaves have turned.
  • I've always wanted to go on a cruise - the Caribbean or Alaska ... or both!
  • It would be fun to visit Ireland and Austria since I have ancestors from there.
  • I'd like to see England, too.

Things to do:

  • My dream is to actually be a published author. I think of it every time I hit the "publish" button on my blog. I am thankful for the opportunity to blog and very thankful for my readers. However, there is still a desire to see my name on a printed page - or a book cover!
  • Lose weight
  • A personal letter written to every one of my loved ones
  • Before kicking the bucket, I would like to have all my pictures scrapbooked, and every closet and drawer in my home and offices in perfect order.  So I can't go for a long time .... if ever!

Events I want to happen before I go:

  • All my family members living a vibrant Christian life for the Lord. (Yeah, that pretty much sums up all my hopes and dreams.)

What's on YOUR list?


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Anonymous said...

What a great bucket list! My husband has hunted on PEI and said it was beautiful. I have never been, though. Thanks for joining us today at The Loft!!

Karen said...

Well, talk about kindred spirits! I can relate to every single item on your list...and your mention of letters to loved ones reminds me of my desire to also pen letters to people in my past that made great impressions on me...teachers, pastors, mentors, etc...unfortunately it has only been a thought with no action behind thanks for the reminder!

betty said...

I like your bucket list and a lot on it is "doable" now without a lot of money, maybe a bit of time invested. Several Christmases ago I wrote a personal letter to all my family members. It was neat to do; might have to repeat it this year.


Anonymous said...

PEI and Ireland are on my list.
You have a good list...

Faith said...

Love your bucket list and guess what?? i actually DO have a written bucket list in a journal I keep near my bed. haha...seriously. I also, like you, want to visit PEI (ok I actually want to kayak and bike there!!), I also have visiting Austria on my list and although we are in New England ALL THE TIME on MY bucket list I have that i want to LIVE in one of the New England states particularly NH, VT or lower Maine. I also want to get all my digitial photos into photobooks. I am currently 4 years behind. and I am starting my book!! I am actually in the process of leaving facebook once I return to work next week (just checking FB on weekend mornings from now on) and using any extra time I have to get all my journal writings together and begin my book which will really be my testimony of overcoming/surviving sexual abuse from childhood and by a church leader. It's a daunting project but one I was encouraged to do more than 10 years ago. But in raising 2 daughters, managing the home and husband, working/teaching and leading a small group, life just got too busy to sit and write. This is the winter I begin!! :) Ok sorry this is long. We have a lot in common!!

Denise said...

wonderful list.

Joyful said...

Great list. I have seen others lists but I have not ever made one of my own. Something to think about.

Michele Morin said...

I especially like your "places to go" list. So much beauty to see.
It's fun to give a few minutes to goals and plans!

Sandi said...

A lot of the same things as yours!

And the Aurora Borealis. I want to see the Northern Lights!

Ruth Clemence said...

Truly awesome list. I would love to visit Prince Edward Island and I love Anne of Green Gables! New England should have been on my list too! :) I think your last point about seeing your loved ones come to Christ is such an amazing thing to pray and hope for. Thanks for sharing your heart this week at The Loft! :) xx