Friday, July 31, 2015

F.F.F. - 07/31/15

I can't believe today is the last of July!

I'm thankful I participate in a great link-up that encourages us to stop and reflect on 5 highlights of our week. Otherwise, I'd never remember ...

1. This week Baylee learned to climb up on the sofa.  Now, that is not really great news as it now means there are additional ways for her to hurt herself, but hey! If you could see the pride on her cute little face, you'd have to smile. I haven't captured it by camera yet, but here is a photo I love of me and Baylee taken when we went to Florida.

2. Last Saturday, our church had a BBQ Fellowship followed by a concert by the Old Timer's Quartet. We had a blast and enjoyed hearing some of those old favorites.

3. Grapes are on sale this week - always a good thing! We are a family of grape-inators. We like to destroy a bowl of them.

4. A little girl from my full-time church had to be taken to the children's hospital and it looked as if she would have to have a liver biopsy. We had the prayer chain going and less than an hour later, we got the message the biopsy was cancelled and it was determined she had mono. It's so good to see everyone come together in prayer for someone else.

5.Quote of the week:  another favorite from my favorite:  Max Lucado


I don't know about you, but I needed more than one chance.

And so another week on the Journey has ended.  How did your week go?  Feel free to share by leaving a comment, or link up your own Friday's Fave Five post at Susanne's space, Living to Tell the Story.


Stephanie Faris said...

Aww! Baylee is adorable. You're right--you can't look at that little face without smiling!

betty said...

That was wonderful news about the girl not needing the biopsy! So cute with Baylee climbing the sofa; I can just imagine the look on her face!


Anonymous said...

Oh boy, now you'll all be running after those little ones! That was good news about the right diagnosis.

Anonymous said...

Our little Timothy hasn't quite learned to climb yet, but he is close to it. I understand the mixed feelings of pride and excitement and then realizing what this is going to mean! What a cutie Baylee is.

The BBQ fellowship and concert sound just wonderful.

I am a regular grape-eater - hope I can find some on sale tomorrow!

So glad an accurate diagnosis was found before an invasive procedure!

Love that quote!

Faith said...

Baylee is so precious!! great age!! yay for fresh fruit...grapes are a fave around here, too!! and praise God for answered prayer!

Dianna said...

What a precious picture of Baylee and you, Jerralea. Aren't grandchildren just the greatest? And I can just imagine the look on her sweet face when she accomplishes her climb!

So grateful the little girl in your full-time church did not need the liver biopsy. God is a prayer answering God!

Hugs to you.

Willow said...

What great news about that little one! Mono is certainly less invasive than liver problems.

LOVE that photo of you and Baylee! Grandbabies are the BEST!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the Lucado quote, I needed more than one chance ... in fact I still do.

Hurray for all church prayer and its answer.

Ceil said...

Hi Jerralea! I loved the sweet photo of you and your little one. Congrats on climbing the mountain (well, it's a sofa to us, a mountain to her)! Persistence is everything, isn't it?
I'm so glad the girl you prayed for was diagnosed without a liver biopsy. What a scary time for the parents! You are all awesome pray-ers.
Great to be back and to visit here again. God bless you :)