Friday, April 3, 2015

C is for Comforting Body and Soul

Feeding your family is serious business. It requires a lot of thought on the part of the homemaker. Planning menus, buying the ingredients, remembering to make sure anything frozen that is required to prepare the meal is thawed out in time ...well, it can be work. I sure don't want to waste any effort so if I can double my ingredients and make two meals at once and freeze the other for another day, it's a win-win.

Today, I'm sharing a comfort food recipe, chicken and dumplings that is one of my favorites. If I have prepared ahead, it is also a really easy meal.

Step one is to buy a whole chicken, cook it in the crock-pot with onion, celery, carrot, chicken bouillon and a little poultry seasoning. Cook on low for eight hours.  Strain the broth and freeze in quart jars (leave some room at the top of the jar so the frozen broth can expand.  Pick the chicken off the bones and freeze in quart zip-lock bags.  I like to freeze one cup of chicken in each bag.  I can get about 4 bags of chicken on the average. This means at least 3, maybe 4 meals have the chicken already prepared and ready to go.

Step two is to make my aunt's fabulous recipe for dumplings.  Triple the dough if possible and freeze the dumplings uncooked for later meals.  You can drop the frozen dumplings in boiling broth and it cooks great, you just might need to cook a little longer.

Once all these are frozen, an comforting meal can be made quite easily. Thaw out the broth. Get about 6 cups boiling in your dutch oven. (I usually use about 2 C frozen broth and then supplement with Swanson's chicken broth in the box.) Plop in your frozen dumplings, bring back to a boil, then stir and cook on medium for 20 minutes. Add in your cup of chicken that you thawed in the microwave while dumplings are cooking.  Cook for about 15 minutes longer or until you feel dumplings are done.  Salt and pepper and season to taste.

Talk about the ultimate comfort food! It's so handy to have when you find out company is coming in a couple hours, or if you hear of someone who is ill and needs a meal brought in. You are ready to bless with a jar of broth, a bag of chicken and a bag of dumplings in the freezer.

It's true that food can be comforting to the body.  Pulling up to the table and eating a warm bowl of Chicken and Dumplings can certainly make you feel better.

We can also "comfort one another" with scripture when death comes to our families.  Although we are sad because of missing our loved ones, believers do not have to sorrow like those who do not know the Lord. We have hope!

In today's world, we have to remind ourselves - it's not always going to be this way.

What's your favorite way to comfort?

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  1. Yummy to the chicken and dumplings. I have a super easy and quick low fat recipe for Chicken and Dumplings that I make often in a large stockpot right on the stove on cold winter nights. My daughters even like it on hot humid August days when I have the central air on! My fave way to comfort someone is with a strong good cup of coffee, a yummy chocolate dessert, and praying for them followed by a special Scripture. I feel honored that God's Words can be prayed over people...that we get to be the vessels to bring comfort to others. Happy Easter Jerralea

  2. LOL, I've got to stop reading your blog before breakfast :) That recipe looks good! I know what you mean about comfort foods; mine tend to be pasta and potatoes and bread :)

    When I hear of a loved one that has died, I do pray for comfort for the family. I think the best way we can comfort someone is just being there for them during their time of grief. Sit with them, even if they don't want to talk, bring in a meal, pray for them. Let them talk about their loved one, make sure that first hard year that they aren't alone on holidays, that type of thing.


  3. Oh man, I haven't had dumplings in forever. Now I've got a serious craving. :)

  4. Bringing comfort with food and scripture. What a lovely post. I've often thought of the doubling up idea but have never actually followed through on it. You are inspiring me to give it a try.

  5. That sounds fantastic, we love dumplings in our house:-)
    martine@silencing the bell

  6. That looks delicious!! I want some right now...

  7. Hi Jerralea - I love chicken recipes - I bought similar ingredients so I can cook a big pot up - and then I don't have to worry too much about food during this coming week for the A-Z ... I'm good at waste not want not ..

    I love dumplings too - but as I'm on my own I don't make them for me .. but always remember them ..

    Cheers Hilary


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