Friday, March 6, 2015

F.F.F. - 03.06.15

Well, I would go outside and take pictures of Snow-mageddon, Round 2, but it would just look like last week's pics.

Last week, I shared my desire to be a hermit and a lot of my commenters said they understood my feelings and could be a hermit, too. Funny, how this week, I feel less like wanting to be one ... I guess too much time being home can even affect me.

Still, there is plenty reasons to give thanks.

  • First and foremost, our electricity did not go out!  What a blessing!
  • Secondly, the internet stayed on. It did slow to a crawl but picked up from time to time.
  • Third, I was able to get to work enough to get the major things done.
  • Fourth, I drove home safely with ice pelting my vehicle like crazy.
  • Fifth, HGTV marathons are fun - especially if you have plenty of hot chocolate, coffee and / or hot tea.

By the way, I totally get that the snowfall here is nothing compared to the northern part of the continent. My prayers are with those guys.  It's just I'm originally a Southerner and multiple snowfalls are a big deal to me.

And that is life on the journey this week  How did your week go? Leave a comment and share, or consider linking up your own post at Susanne's Living to Tell the Journey.  It's easy to find 5 highlights in any week - you just have to look for them.


betty said...

That is great about the electricity staying on! A big relief especially in the cold temps!


Anonymous said...

We had some more "wintry mix" this week but thankfully not as bad as was predicted. I am glad I don't live where there is snow on the ground all winter. :-) One of our major concerns here as well is the possibility of power going off during a storm and we're very thankful ours stayed on despite blinking a few times.

Glad you were safe on the roads and were able to get to work enough to get the major things done. The HGTV marathons sound sun!

Anonymous said...

So sorry this is week 2 of intense snow. I haven't lived in snow for so many years that I've forgotten about the headache of it.

Glad to hear you had all the basics covered though: tv marathon with plenty of hot drinks, electricity, safety when driving, and even being able to get the necessary minimum done at work.

I hope this week gives you nicer weather.

Anonymous said...

I totally hear ya that one week being snowbound is plenty!! I, too, am not form the snowbound part of the U.S. Have a wonderful weekend!

Simply Linda said...

Do you know, with all the snow we have had here in western NY we have not lost electricity once! Amazing! Great post, thanks for the smiles. Blessings

Karen said...

Great list to remind us that suffering through cold weather could be a lot worse.

Susanne said...

The word "snow-mageddon" made me laugh but I can imagine if you are not used to it, even a little can seem overwhelming to deal with! Glad you're electricity didn't go out. That would definitely up the ante of it being hard. You were a brace girl driving in ice pellets. That makes even this hardy snow loving Canadian nervous!

Faith said...

Well this is a wonderful fave list and things on it we should never take for granted! glad you made it home safely. Here in eastern NY today it is SUNNY and warmer...a whopping 35 degrees and the snow is slowly dripping away....YAY!

Anonymous said...

Being snowbound sounds great if your fives are part of them ;-) Not having electricity would take a bit more creativity.

Should I tell you that it's been in the 80s here this week?

Betsy Smith said...

My week went well. Just the typical struggles of a working mom. Loving the spring-like weather!