Friday, February 27, 2015

What I Learned in February with a Side of FFF

1.  This month I learned I could very easily be a hermit. I'd had almost a week of staying home everyday because of hello!  Snow days.  Then the weather turned bad on Sunday again and my church called saying services were cancelled for both morning and evening.

Oh, the joy in my heart!

I feel somewhat ashamed how much I love to stay home.

2.  I get excited over household tips. How to organize my freezer and ways to use trones makes my eyes light up.

3. On other Pinterest news, in February, I learned to get outfit ideas from Pinterest as observed on Becky's Organizing Made Fun post, "Fashion Advice from an Organizing Blogger." (I know, I know. I'm slow to jump on trends.)  Here is a sneak peek at my My Style board.

4.  I learned (again) that my own efforts to do not sanctify me.  He. Makes. Me. Blameless. 

I believe it is important for us to understand that it is God's faithfulness that will bring the fulfillment of this promise, not our own self-effort. It is His faithfulness that we can rely on because of His goodness towards us.
Barry Adams

What a relief!

5. My favorite February photo from my camera:

My favorite photos of the twins taken in February:

I'm always about trying something new, so I'm linking this post to Emily. P. Freeman's Chatting at the Sky.

What We Learned in February

But it occurs to me that this post makes a great Friday's Fave Five post as well, so I'm also linking up at Susanne's blog, Living to Tell the Story


Melanie said...

I can be a hermit too. The idea of having a few days where I don't have to get in the car and go anywhere is wonderful! Have a great weekend.

Faith said...

i'm definitely more hermit like in the winter months too!! Probably because around here the mountains are too treacherous to hike on with all the snow and ice and i don't have the right footwear for winter hiking. And I just can't stand when the wind chill is below 10 degrees which it has been for most of the last 4 weeks!! I love your photo of the baby getting into the box!! I like pinterest for some of the recipes i find! Happy weekend!! stay warm!

Chelsea said...

I am definitely a hermit. I have a little sign in my bathroom that says "Lets Just Stay Home." It's almost my motto for life. But then the sun comes out and my friends call and I'm back to the community. :) Loved this post!

Anonymous said...

I'm a real chicken about driving in snow so I would have been thrilled when church was cancelled, too! Glad you enjoyed your time at home. It's always fun to see photos of those twins! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love to stay home and being snowed in secretly delights me! That action shot of diving into the green bin is priceless! Loved reading your list. I traveled over from Chatting at the Sky, although I did not do a list this month I still enjoy reading what others have learned.

betty said...

I am definitely a hermit, LOL :) Really, what can't you do at home these days, you can get groceries delivered, you got the internet, can get books from Kindle, etc., can stream church services (but I definitely like them live better). I sometimes realize at the end of the day that I haven't been outside in several days, LOL, and it doesn't bother me :)

Pretty sky picture!


Simply Linda said...

I would like to be a hermit...smiles. I had no idea what Trones I do! Thanks for sharing. Blessings

Anonymous said...

I could definitely be a hermit. I'm ashamed to say I was happy when our church cancelled services because of the weather, too. I enjoy them, but it was nice to have a very relaxing Sunday. I am looking forward to getting back tomorrow, though.

Love your #4 and have to remind myself of it often.

Southern Gal said...

Oh, to have your grandchildren close again. Staying at home because I choose to is much better than staying at home because of ice and weather!

Debby Hudson said...

I get the hermit thing. I'm definitely a homebody. Thanks for the Pinterest tip. I'm heading over to check it out.

What I've Learned link-up is such fun AND we all learn thing. Thanks for stopping by my blog. It was good finding you here.

Susanne said...

Wow, we have never had church cancelled before. That must have been quite the weather week you have had!! I had no clue what a trone was and had to link over. Love the baby trying to get something out of that box!

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling that if we ever got snow this far south, EVERYTHING would shut down! I love your posts this week, Jerri. And those twins -- they are bringing smiles wherever they go :-)

Sandi said...

I know what you mean about being able to stay home. Love it!

Melanie Lopata said...

I could easily be a hermit every day of the winter!!!! We have so much snow here in upstate NY and it's been so cold and windy. Of course I work from home so basically am home all of the time :)

I've just recently tried out Pinterest and though I'm not great at getting around and finding things, I am enjoying it.

The twins are so cute!!!!

Dolly @Soulstops said...

Oh, even without snow, I can be a hermit at times :-) and I love your photo of the twins...very adorable :-)

Willow said...

One doesn't need snow to be a hermit. No snow here ever (mostly) and I'm a hermit--but snow gives a good excuse.
You've reminded me to go check pinterest more often :)