Thursday, January 8, 2015

2015 Goals & A Look Back

I knew in December that I wanted my 2015 Word of the Year to be "intentional." Life seems to move along at warp speed and I don't want to miss a thing.  To keep my year from passing by in a blur, I know it takes being intentional about accomplishing the things that are important to me. I have determined to give priority to alone time with the Lord, time with the family and set aside time for daily writing. I'm still working on a plan of action needed to meet these goals.

Before I can move forward, I must look back.  How did 2014 go? Were my goals accomplished?

The first thing I noticed when I thought about the beginning of 2014 and the goals I had for the year was this:  I had not written them down!

< insert face palm>

I know writing it down is very important when goal setting, but if I did, I can't find it anywhere. 

My 2014 Word of the Year is the only topic covered in my blogging this time last year.  My word was "abiding."  I wanted to spend more time abiding in Him so that my prayers would be powerful.  He promises believers that if we abide in Him and His words abide in us, we can ask what we want and it will be done. (See John 15:70 Because if you are abiding in Him, you won't ask amiss.

Basically, that was the last time I focused on the word "abiding."  Oh, yeah, I had cute little Scrabble letter tiles spelling out the word abiding positioned right under my television. (I figured I would notice it there!) I thought some about abiding, but that is as far as it went.

Going from memory, I also knew my goals were to do a SOAP bible study on 1 Peter and 2 Peter. Again I didn't write down a plan to "get-r-done." I am happy that I did finish up 1 Peter on like December 30th, but didn't even touch 2 Peter.

What have I learned?
  • Write down a plan to accomplish goals. First, you need to "plan your work, then work your plan."
  • Break down your objective into specific attainable goals.  Determining to study a book in a year is perhaps too vague. A time line for each chapter might be better.
  • For me, the best way to remember goals is to blog about it. A record will be there in cyberspace should I ever forget.
What goals have you set for yourself in 2015? Leave a comment and share, because inquiring minds want to know!

Mama's Losin' It
This post was written in response to Writer's Workshop prompt 1. Look back at the resolution you made last year at this time, how did you do? If you'd like to share your experiences about 2014 goals, link up at Kat Bouska's blog, Mama's Losin' It.


betty said...

You are right about writing down goals and mnaking them up to make them manageable and able to be done.
I'm still working on 2015 goals but hope to have a blog post soon about it.


Simply Linda said...

Well..I'll tell you Jerralea, who knew that I would be going back to goal? Is to survive my second semester...short goal, yes. I try not to make long term ones, and really, no short terms is all in God's hands, not mine. Blessings

Carol said...

Great advice on goal setting. I for one am a list maker. I like to see things in front of me, but in making goals I have learned to simplify. I like to choose one scripture out of the standard works. Something that jumps out at me. Something that is inspiring to me. Something I want to learn more about. Something I need to work on. You get the picture.... choosing the teachings of the Savior - well you can't go wrong.

Susanne said...

Oh you are speaking right to me. I have never been really great at planning and writing down goals but in the last year I can see that that is an important step. I'm still working through a "word" and some goals I would like to see accomplished this year.

Melanie said...

I chose two words last year and did nothing with either of them. In fact, I can't even remember what one of the words were. This year, it's different.

kelley jensen said...

I'm not very good at resolutions and goals either. I'm almost defeated before I start if I make a list. I just try to do the best I can with what the day brings.

May said...

Living intentionally is a wonderful goal. At our age we know just how quickly a year can zoom past. Like you I am not content to let time slip through my fingers quite so nonchalantly any more. So here is to a year of living intentionally and living well! ~May @ Achieving Clarity

Anonymous said...

I love the concept of living intentionally. Great word! I've chosen Progress for my word for 2015. I think that writing down your goals and keeping them somewhere visible is a very smart way to go. Too often we have good intentions, but don't follow through. Simple tools like that can help.