Friday, December 12, 2014


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I've written many times about my love of organizing. Nothing makes me happier than de-cluttering a space and containerizing, or making to-do lists on a brand new pristine page.

List making, of course, requires planning. The success of a project lives or dies on how well it was planned. It is important to prepare for anything that might throw a kink in your plans.

No matter how thorough you try to be, though, you can't prepare for everything.  This was brought home to me very clearly this morning. One of my co-workers had shortness of breath and chest pains throughout the night and had to be taken to the emergency room. Tonight was an annual event for the Senior Adults he had been planning, and I'm sure he wasn't prepared to be in the hospital. His plans will have to be taken care of by someone else.

His situation brings home the fact that we need to be prepared for emergencies because. You. Just. Never. Know. Hopefully, my co-worker is just experiencing a glitch in his life. If not, I know he is spiritually prepared to go Home. 

How about you? Are your prepared for anything that might come your way? If not, is it time to do some serious thinking?


Please be in prayer for my friend. He had a major heart-attack last year and has been experiencing angina pains since. Hopefully this is another episode of that and he will soon be better.

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Leigh said...

Stopping by from Five Minute Friday. Thanks for sharing an important reminder about how life happens. We do need to be prepared, but even some of the best laid plans go to waste. We are only human.

E W Wright said...

"No matter how thorough you try to be, though, you can't prepare for everything." So true, Jerralea. Thankful that nothing takes our Father by surprise and He has all moments of our life in His hand .. the ones we are well prepared for and those we are not. Visiting from FMF. Blessings.

Angie said...

Your so right, we can never totally prepare. Sometimes our lives get turned upside down very quickly. Prayers for your friend.

Melanie said...

I'm a planner too with lots of lists. As a nurse, I tried to be prepared for anything but as you said, you just don't know what can happen. Praying for your co-worker.