Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Praise Post # 26

It's the little things that put a smile on my face. Today, I'm thanking God for:

  1. The times I get home from work and find the table is already set for dinner!
  2. Help in cleaning up the kitchen.
  3. Help when I am cleaning out the fridge.
  4. Bringing me a sweet tea from McDonald's when I didn't even ask for it.
  5. Washing my car AND vacuuming it out.

Who does all that for me?  My hubby - God's gift to me.

Now it's your turn. What blessings can you count today? Leave a comment and share, or if you have a blog, consider linking up below. Praise Posts are running through the month of November. We are thanking God for 5 blessings each day to total 150 praises. You don't have to elaborate, just list if you want. Jump in right where you are whether it's Day 26 or the last day. I'd love for you participate!

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betty said...

How sweet the things your husband does; truly a wonderful gift from God!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Linda said...

Praises for having such a sweet husband. Blessings

Ceil said...

Hi Jerralea! I am thankful that I can come and be uplifted by your list of blessings!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. May God bless your table with his joy and peace in the company of your friends and family.

Faith said...

oh those are some wonderful things your husband does for you....a true blessing indeed!! Enjoy the day, Jerralea.

Melanie said...

What a loving, thoughtful husband you have! Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Monica said...

What a sweet list Jerralea! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!