Friday, October 24, 2014

F. F. F.: 10/24/14

It's been a wonderful week here on the Journey.  I've been enjoying my time at home on a stay-cation. I've been writing and fluffing the nest. As soon as I am done posting this, we are off on a mini road-trip to take pictures of fall leaves.

It's been great!

As I always do on Fridays, I like to recap the highlights of my week. So, let's get right to it.

1.  I think I am done with fall decorating. I have my banner made and hung. I'm really into banners now. My goal is to have one for every season and holiday.  

2. The main focus of my week was to open the door on that ole boogy man, the stuffed, maxed-out and messy linen closet. Ever since we returned after moving out during Flood 2011, we have been stuffing odds and ends into that closet. It was scary! (If you remember, last month I tackled it's twin, the shelves in the utility room that also had been used for a dumping ground.)  We purged. We threw away a lot. We put some stuff in storage. I am loving the results after two intense days of labor by my hubby and me.

Spoiler Alert:  Lots of photos ahead ...

First, the ugly ...

The End Result!

I have to take a moment here and talk about the shoe holder on the door. I have used this to hold all my scarves. I was getting such a collection of them, I didn't know where to store them. I love using the shoe holder, I can find at a glance which one I need. I always lay my clothes out at night, so any wrinkles they may get being rolled up and put in its pouch should fall out. Shoe bags are so versatile! I have two more. One in my closet for shoes, the other is in the bedroom closet with all my camis and layering tank tops rolled up in the pouches. Love it!

Now for a few close ups:  (This closet is in a narrow hall making it difficult to get a good angle for the camera.)

The middle section on the floor is my wrapping station.  One drawer for Christmas gift bags, one for tissue paper, and the tub on top is for regular gift bags.

Here is a clearer view.  I also keep my sturdy step stool on the floor so that I can reach the very top shelf anytime I want. (Candlesticks and vases are stored up there.)

I used a lot of storage I already had.  I just used tape and scrapbook paper to pretty it up.

I just realized I didn't take a picture of the very top shelf, but as I said it stores random vases and candlesticks and some travel bags.

It is the best this closet has ever looked.  I hope to maintain it just like it is ...

(As a side note:  I keep my towels in the bathroom on a baker's rack.)

3. Since I've been home every day, I've had my wax warmers going and the smell is fabulous. I've been mixing Cinnamon Spice with Vanilla Bean. Yummy!

4. I've been enjoying sleeping in every morning until 8 a.m. and writing, blogging and surfing the net til noon. What a wonderful life!

5. Quote of the week:  I wanted to share with you what another one of my 31 Day blogger buddies put on her blog:

Beauty For the Heart~~Life is littered with sudden and unexpected storms. It’s important to remember the storm is the weather of your life not the climate. This too shall pass……..
…Cyndi Spivey, Walking in Grace and Beauty

Your storm will pass!

This wraps up another week on the Journey. Next week, I'll be adjusting and getting back to routine - but remember I am a lover of routine, so it's all good.

How did YOUR week go?  Leave a comment and share, or link up a post telling us all about it at the lovely Susanne's blog, Living to Tell the Story.


Willow said...

I hope your mini vacation is going well and you're enjoying your time away. I'm impressed with your decluttering project--it's inspiring me!
I love weeks at home too--slow mornings :)

Faith said...

Oh i just LOVE your oh-so-organized closet!! I need to tackle our front foyer closet which tends to get all the "junk"....i plan on donating or throwing away MUCH of what is currently in there and really get to organizing. I love that idea for your scarves...i just may copy that!! :) enjoy the rest of your stay cation and that mini trip/leaf peeping.

betty said...

Did great with the organizing of the closet! Now to keep it that way :)


Anonymous said...

Happy Stacation! Love it. That closet looks fabulous!

Melanie Cook said...

I'm very impressed with your closets and shelves. The shoe hanger is a great idea! It gets me thinking. I'm glad you have enjoyed your staycation. Enjoy the fall day trip! Hugs

Susanne said...

Aren't you a clever gal on using the shoe holders for laying tanks and camis and for the scarves! Sounds like you are doing both useful and fun stuff during your staycation!