Monday, October 6, 2014

Daybook: 10-06-14

FOR TODAY, Monday, October 6th 

Outside my window... cloudy, a few sprinkles and 57°

I am thinking... the twins are 4 months old today. I can't wait to see them at Christmas.

I am thankful...for His unfailing love.

In the kitchen... ham and Hawaiian bread tonight.  I'm thinking cheesy potatoes would go well with it. I'm going to make a peach cobbler to top it off.

I am wearing... dressy jeans and a coral draped tunic with a white cami. I love coral and am trying to work it into my wardrobe as much as possible.

I am creating... a new series of blog posts:  "31 Days of Life on the Journey." I love that it is developing in me the habit of writing everyday.

I am reading... Creston Mapes "The Crittendon Files" series. I'm almost done with book one.  I'm also reading (at bedtime) Max Lucado's "Mocha with Max."  It is so good, I finished it and started over so I could take notes on it.

I am looking forward to... my next stay-cation which is in a couple weeks.  My plan is to tackle the linen closet and make it not only organized but pretty.  Believe me, it is going to be a big job ...

Around the house... I can now look out at clean windows and see my rose bushes in all their glory.

I am pondering... all the things I've been reading in "Mocha with Max."  For instance, Max writes about God's unfailing love.  Stop a moment and think about what that means. Unfailing.  Always perfect.  He loves you with a perfect love. He knows just how to love you. His love never fails you.  He never has to say "I should have done this," or "I should have done that."  A lot to think about ...

A favorite quote for today...

"People who have faith are faithful."
Ellston Chapman

If your faith is real, then it follows that you are a faithful person.

One of my favorite things... a bowl of chili.  I love the start of chili/stew/soup season.

A few plans for the rest of the week: more 31 day posting; making my fall banner; and designing a fall vignette for the top of my dining table that I have dreamed up.

A peek into my day...

A recent photo from our road trip to Kentucky Dam Marina. What a vision of beautiful blues!

Peggy Hostetler created the Daybook concept.  You can link up at her website, The Simple Woman.


Anonymous said...

So curious minds want to know...are the twins traveling to your place for Christmas or are you traveling to them? Have a good week.

Angie said...

I LOVE Peach Cobbler, Chili, Coral and Kentucky of course :)

Have a great week

Joyful said...

dinner sounds yummy! As you might tell from my daybook, most of us are kinda hungry around here right now :)
Max never fails to give me lots to think about. Great author and speaker.
Beautiful picture. Thanks for sharing your 31 days. I don't always get to comment but I enjoy stopping by.