Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Day 28: Wake

I was cruising along through life. I had achieved my dream. At last, infertility had been beaten and the object of our prayers and desire was a real, live, breathing baby! I was a stay at home mom pouring into my child all the love and attention I could possibly muster.

At the same time something else was happening, but I didn't notice it. I didn't realize my husband was becoming different. I didn't see it at all until I was forced to see the changes.

One day I had to wake up and find out that he had a mental illness. His initial diagnosis was major depression. Years later, the diagnosis would turn into bipolar.

It still seems crazy it happened to us. Life changed and things were never the same as it was before. One thing we did learn, though, is that God never changes, nor does His love and care for us. Through all the things we have gone through, we can still look back and see He has been with us every step of the way...

Just like He will be with us all our life, even up to, and including, our first morning waking up in Heaven.


What about you?  Did you wake up one day to find a new normal?  Tell us about it. Leave a comment and share.

From time to time, I share our story of living with mental illness in order for those struggling with situations like ours to realize they are not alone. There is no stigma or shame in having a mental illness, just as there is no shame in being a diabetic or having heart disease.  We pray for healing and expect healing to come.  In the meantime, we take advantage of the resources God has given us, such as medications, doctors, standing on the Word and praying believers.

This post is Day 28 of a series entitled 31 Days of Life on the Journey where I share about my journey as a believer, wife, mom and grandmother.  I invite you to return each day to find the newest link here. Myquillin at The Nester is the creator of the 31 Day Challenge.  I'm linking this post to the category, "Faith and Inspiration." You can also visit Kate's blog, "Heading Home" to read the posts of all the other participants of the 31 day challenge who are writing on her daily prompts for 5 minutes. Today's prompt is "wake."

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Susan said...

Hi Jerralea, I enjoyed your post today. I found you from Melanie, I too once suffered with infertility. I too have suffered from depression and my mom was bipolar. I hope to come back and visit.

Dianna said...

Dear Jerralea,

Thank you for sharing here because I had no idea that you and your husband have this battle. Thank you for sharing in a desire that others who are dealing with the same thing will understand it is okay...and that God never changes. You have such a positive influence in the blogging world and I am blessed by your commitment to the Lord.

betty said...

So true that God is always there, no matter what we might be going through!


Melanie Cook said...

I've had a couple of "new normals" in my life and they weren't fun but God got me through them. Thank you for your post that reminds us that God is greater than our problems! Have a blessed day.

Anonymous said...


Ceil said...

Hi Jerralea! There are a few people in my family who deal with mental health issues (including bipolar), as well as infertility (me included). It seems that we feel so isolated when first finding out about our challenges...but the more it's shared, the more I see that I am never alone.

I hope you feel that way too.

Anonymous said...

Jerralea, I found your blog via Dianna. Thank you for sharing you and your husband's story. I believe that by sharing what we are going through we can help others. Most certainly, the Lord walks with us every day.
At age 50, my husband became disabled after a horrific accident and later needed brain surgery. Most certainly, our lives changed overnight but through it all, God guided every step. Our later years are not exactly what we had planned but we cherish each day and count our blessings. Mildred