Sunday, October 26, 2014

Day 26: Visit

Along my Journey, I've discovered the joy of road-trips. We like to take day-long jaunts to visit places we can view the beauty that God has created.  We are always back home by dark and all settled in for a cozy evening at our haven.

My favorites are places where I can be by water.  It is just somehow so calming to sit by a lake or river. But really, anywhere outdoors surrounded by nature is perfect.  It's the only way I can make myself stop doing things and just sit and relax.  It's a great time to visit with my husband and just talk. Somehow, you end up talking about things that don't come up when you are at home.

I'm beginning to think the Amish have it right - electricity takes away from family life. When you think about it, television and the internet makes it so easy to get wrapped up in something we like and ignore the other people in your household.

I'm not about to become Amish, but I will take a cue from them and experience being unplugged now and then. In fact, we are planning a road-trip for this week. We want to experience fall before she turns into winter.


Where do you like to go visit? Leave a comment and share because your words are important.

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betty said...

Such pretty shots of places visited. I'm not sure where I want to visit right now, but in a few months I think I might have a place I want to visit:)

I'd love to visit heaven, but then I don't think I would want to leave :) So I'll wait until I will become a permanent resident there.


Melanie Cook said...

Day trips are my favorite too. It works well for me because I can leave Mom alone with a neighbor to check in with her but it's more complicated to find someone to stay the night with her if I go away overnight. I love the water too and so it would be the Atlantic beach of the Gulf. There are several pretty places here in Florida to spend the day. Have a lovely week.

Joyful said...

Having a homestead makes it difficult to get away very often but I enjoy our annual trip to the lake. Staying in the lodge at the changing of the season is so relaxing after a hard summer of farm work. What refreshes me most around the homestead is a sunrise or sunset. They are so beautiful!