Friday, September 19, 2014

Life on hold

Today's word is HOLD

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I'm a secretary and it feels like the phone grows out of my ear sometimes. Often, I'm either putting people on hold or else I'm the one on hold.  Tick, tock. Life is going on for everyone else while I sit and wait.

Life on hold.  

Nothing I can do but wait ... But being the temperament that I am, while I'm waiting I'm usually doing something. Typing with the phone held in the crook of my neck. Looking over my to-do list.  I want to start using my waiting minutes doing some praising and praying.  At least then this time will be productive!

Have you ever seen the saying, "Until God opens the door, praise Him in the hallway"? Praise Him when you are stuck on hold!

Sometimes you have big dreams about what you want to accomplish.  But now is not the time.  Maybe you are in a season of having small children needing all your time and attention.  Maybe you are a caregiver for a loved one who is ill and there is no time left to pursue your goals.

Life on hold.

Rest assured this season will pass.  It always does. Someone once said their favorite saying was "this too shall pass."  You can always look forward to the time when you are in a new season and things are different.

Then?  Watch out!  You can be ready to blaze a new trail, hopefully a brighter trail because of all the things you learned while you were spending your ....

Life on hold.

5 Minute Friday is now hosted by Kate at the blog "heading home." This is meant to be a free write, which means: no editing, no over-thinking, no worrying about perfect grammar or punctuation. 

Just write.

Also, the most important rule is that you visit the blog of the person who linked up before you and leave some encouragement.  That’s the most fun of all, and the heart of this community.

So, are you on HOLD in this season of your life? Your words are important, so please leave a comment and share.


Fivehearts Onefamily said...

Hi, I'm visiting from 5MF. I appreciate the reminder that this season will pass. I'm in a season shall I say this...being annoyed of being a mom. lol It often feels like there is no escape from the toddler who is so interested in the toilet in our one tiny bathroom that she almost climbs on top of me to figure it all out. lol I enjoyed your post today.

Dianna said...

I loved your take on the word "hold", Jerralea. The minutes I'm on hold...well, I should try your method of praying and/or praising. It would be much more productive! Thanks so much for sharing!

betty said...

I too have adopted "this too will opass" when going through different circumstances. I have to remember to praise God in the hallway while waiting for that door to open; maybe that's why it hasn't opened after four years :)


Joyful said...

This is a great post Jerralea! I should be praising more while I'm "stuck" where I am. Thank you!

Melanie Cook said...

You certainly are singing my song here! I feel in a holding pattern right now and want to get going with life but not able. I hate to be on hold on the phone and am usually doing something else. Have a great weekend!

SouthMainMuse said...

I do get frustrated sometimes feeling that there are constant obstacles in my day. But the older I realize, it happens to us all. One good thing about portable technology is that while I'm waiting these days, I pull out my laptop or read a bit of a book on my phone. Makes me feel like I'm not wasting time.

Stephanie Faris said...

Being on hold just means more time to write!

Anonymous said...

I love that saying - found it not too long ago and it has been tremendously helpful in getting through this period of job transition for our family. Just because we aren't exactly where we think we should be or want to be, doesn't mean there isn't something terrific right in front of us. All things in due time...that's what those words tell me.

Betsy said...

How did I end up with a different word? I love yours!

Betsy said...

disregard my last comment. It's been a LONG week! It's a different word because it's a different week! DUH