Friday, September 5, 2014

God Whispers

The end of the day is a good time to listen for God whispers
The other night we were sitting around the dinner table and Liss, our daughter who is a high-school math teacher, was describing her struggles with getting students to listen. 

I shared how I had read that if you really want to get someone's attention, just whisper.  They have to focus on listening in order to hear you whereas yelling just disappears into the cacophony of sound that is already in the room.

It's kind of like what God does with us.  I, personally, would prefer that God would speak to me in a loud booming voice whenever He wants to tell me something.  "Jerri, thou shalt serve as the worship leader this next year."  Wouldn't that be cool?  No questioning or struggling but you would just know.

However, that is not how He chooses to do things.  The prophet Isaiah learned that God speaks to us in a still small voice, not in thunderous tones. He wants us to seek, to quiet ourselves and to focus on Him. He takes joy in whispering to us and then seeing us respond.

It takes focus to hear whispering.  It's another way we can show our love for God - by taking the time to listen for God whispers.

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So, have you heard any God WHISPERS lately? Your words are important, so please leave a comment and share.


Joyful said...

Great stuff! Some days are so full of noise it is hard to hear that still small voice. Like her math students I am still learning.

Annie Rim said...

Yes! I'm learning to be quiet and listen to those whispers.... (And, as a former second grade teacher, whispering always got my kids' attention!) Thanks for this reminder.

betty said...

So true we get more attention when we whisper. So true too God's voice is the quiet still one, sometimes hard to discern, but always the wisest of words we hear.


Melanie Cook said...

I too wish that God spoke in a loud voice so that I could be sure it was Him and not just my imagination. It takes concentration and quiet to hear His voice and that is what He wants, I think.

SouthMainMuse said...

First off -- your daughter is a high school math teacher? Smart, smart. I could hardly get through high school math without actually trying to teach it to someone. And I love your thought about whispering. Raising my voice only escalates the war of will with my defiant 10 yo. Whispering is best. Maybe I resemble my 10yo in God's eyes? ;)

Anonymous said...

Kudos to your daughter, Liss. Having spent the last fifteen years in the high school classroom, I know the struggles she faces! Your advice is good - and that does work!
So, too, does God work that way, I think. Although I often feel like I get a good swift smack upside the head, I know there are many whispers out there guiding me in the right direction. I just don't always pay attention, so that's when the obvious smack comes in! LOL.
I wish your daughter a great school year!