Monday, April 28, 2014

X is for eXtreme

Forgive me, but I am taking a small liberty with words starting with X and using words that sounds like it begins with X but actually starts with EX.

I'm a church secretary and often make out checks to a youth conference that our youth department loves to go to:  X-treme Winter in Branson, MO.  Our youth have went there several times and love it.  There are X-treme conferences other times of the year as well.

So when I was thinking of words to reflect on for the A-Z Challenge, eXtreme came to mind.

I began to ponder what eXtreme faith would look like in the life of a believer.

First of all, let's eXamine what eXtreme means. defines it as "of a character or kind farthest removed from the ordinary or average."

An eXtreme faith is not your average person's faith.

I like that.  What better way to eXcel than to have an eXtraordinary faith?

Find out what the average believer does to show their faith and then do it more! 

For eXample, I think we would all agree that an average believer goes to church on Sunday, reads their bible most days, prays at least once a day and thinks about God often.  When trouble comes, they ask for prayer and usually will search the scriptures to find a promise to claim. If an opportunity arises, they will give a testimony of what God has done for them.

All good things to do.  But what if we ramped it up? What if we radically fell in love with Jesus and He was on our mind day and night? What if we were there every time the church door was open so that we could participate in the services fully and share and encourage the believers with what God had done for us that week.  What if we were a student of the Word and knew it backwards and forwards? What if we lived a life of prayer and walked in the Spirit so that every time a need arose we'd know the mind of Christ and be able to pray His will for that situation?

What if we were so eXtreme that everywhere we went, somehow the story of Jesus came out?

What if we were so full of His peace and joy that we'd be like a light drawing everyone to the Flame and people would say, "I don't know what's different about her, but I want what she's got!"

EXtreme faith. Yeah, that's what I want.  What about you?

This post was written in community with the April A-Z blogging challenge.  To read others' work, go here.

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betty said...

I too want eXtreme faith; I think it is possible to have too, takes a commitment to do so, but definitely doable.