Wednesday, April 16, 2014

N is for Now ... or Never

I think now is a good word for thought.

Yesterday is gone.  You can make amends, you can learn from yesterday, but you can't change a thing.

As for tomorrow, you are not guaranteed that you will see it.  Anything could happen and today might be your last day.  Visit any graveyard and you will find a diverse group of ages displayed on the headstones. Old and young alike end their earthly journeys every day.

All we really have is now.

Is there something you've always been planning to do?

     ... an apology you need to make?

        ... a wrong that needs to be made right?

            .... a person or place you always meant to visit?

                 ... someone you need to forgive?

                     ... an opportunity you need to take?

                         ... someone to forgive?

                             ... give your life to Christ?

We are told in God's Word that now is the time to accept salvation. (2 Cor. 6:2)

Whatever you need to do, do it now ... before your now turns into ... never.

This post was written in community with the April A-Z blogging challenge.  To read others' work, go here.


Stephanie Faris said...

So well written! Yes, we put off so many things...and one day we realize it's too late.

Faith said...

this was a very timely word for me today. A good friend of mine and I were just talking about this. Thank you for posting your thoughts.

May said...

Words of wisdom, Jerralea. None of us know how long we have. That makes forgiveness, kindness, and humility all so very important each day.

betty said...

Very wise words you shared here; now is the time to take action for things we might need to take action for; we are not guaranteed a tomorrow (or even the next moment)


Chuck Allen said...

Very beautifully written. It is easy for me to get so wrapped up in this week, this year, or the next 5 years that I lose the importance of now - especially as it relates to the relationships in my life.