Friday, April 18, 2014

Commitment is the Glue


I think commitment is the glue that holds relationships together.

At age 14, I committed my life to Jesus Christ.

At age 20, I committed my life in marriage to my husband.

At age 30, I committed my life in motherhood to extend unconditional love and pray unceasingly for my first child.

At 35, I did the same for my second child.

At 37, my third child.

At 43, I committed my service and loyalty to my church.

Today, I'm continuing in each of these relationships.  Were there times I wanted to quit?  Was it hard to keep those commitments?  Of course!  But I decided a long time ago, that although I am imperfect in many many ways, one quality I wanted to cultivate in my life is that I am not a quitter.

I believe in those famous words of Winston Churchill, "Never never never never give up."

And I never shall.


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Joy said...

Jerralea, good words. This post makes me want to hear more of your story. Stopping by from Five Minute Friday :)

B Butler said...

Oh this is lovely. A beautiful photo too. Just stopping over from Five Minute Friday. Glad I did :)

Heather Mitchell said...

Beautiful words on commitment. I agree fully and am also commited to live my life fully in all that He has called me to do. Thank you for your words of encouagement.

Susanne said...

Love this post. In this day and age when lack of commitement is so prevelant this was a wonderful post.