Wednesday, November 6, 2013

He Sees Me

Back in my first career, when I worked at the courthouse, I had a co-worker who was a close friend.  We joked around a lot and generally made boring work fun.  She used to tease me, "Watch out, the all-seeing eye is watching you, watching you."   She said she got that from a hymn her church used to sing.

There really is a hymn that has those words in it - I found it, thanks to Google.

There's an Eye Watching You

All along the road to the soul's true abode,
There's an Eye watching you.
Every step that you take that great Eye is awake,
There's an Eye watching you.

As you make life’s flight, keep the pathway of right
There’s an Eye watching you.
God will warn not to go in the path of the foe
There’s an Eye watching you.

Fix your mind on the goal that sweet home of the soul
There’s an Eye watching you.
Never turn from the way to the Kingdom of the Day
There’s an Eye watching you.

Watching you, watching you,
Everyday mind the course you pursue;
Watching you, watching you,
There's an all-seeing Eye watching you.
(J.M. Henson)

(There is an inspiring post about this song at I Don't Know Where the Angels Sleep.)

Although the thought of an eye watching me kind of creeped me out at the time, I've learned to embrace the idea.  If you read Psalm 139, you realize David is saying the same thing, only in different words.  How comforting to know there is no where I can't go, nothing that happens to me that He doesn't see and know.  And if He knows, then there is help on the way!

I love this line:  "How precious to me are your thoughts, O God!  How vast is the sum of them!"  In other words, He is thinking about me all the time.

It's too much! I can't take it all in  ...

Jesus reinforced this idea when He told us that not a sparrow falls to the ground without our Father knowing it and yet we are worth so much more that birds. 

Better than "There's an Eye Watching You," I love the song "His Eye is on the Sparrow."  Here is Selah's version (shared from YouTube):

He sees me.  I'm the daughter of a King who is surrounded by His loving watchcare.

Don't you want to be His, too?

I'm sharing this post today over at the #TellHisStory community because His story is that His eye is on His children.  You can link up at


Karmen said...

Just beautiful! I found you through Jennifer Dukes Lee's link up.

Ceil said...

Hi Jerralea! Aren't good co-workers the best? They make the day sing, instead of be a constant strain. Your mate sounds wonderful!

I liked the song, but I can kind of relate about the eye on us all the time. It does make me think about a creepy person or something. Of course, God isn't like that at all. He is like a loving parent always watching his children.

Thank you for sharing a fun experience that turned into a learning one. God is so good!
Thank you for your visit to the blog too. It was nice to see you :)