Friday, November 29, 2013

F.F.F. - 11.29.13

For those readers in the U.S.A., I hope your thanksgiving weekend was special and filled with family fun.

November is a month that many stop and reflect on their blessings.  We who participate in the Friday's Fave Five community do that every week as we stop and count as least five highlights of the last week. Doing so helps us to have an "attitude of gratitude," which makes life so much more enjoyable.

1.  Fellowship:  Last Sunday night  was our all-church fellowship dinner.  I was excited because we had some new attenders come to the dinner and have time to get acquainted.  Love having new people!

2.  Fairly easy work-week:  Although I had to squeeze 5 days work into 3, everything went smoothly.  There were no big projects or deadlines.  I love my job.

3.  Food:  Of course, you have to talk about food during thanksgiving week.  This year, Elissa helped me so much by making most of the desserts in her kitchen at her house. (Yes, she has moved in!) I still had to make my all-time favorite sweet, No-Bake Cookies.

Quadruple Batch!

4.  Fall:  The temps here have dipped into the twenties and hover in the day time in the forties.  All the leaves have fallen and it is time to put up the fall decor.  I'm so sorry to see fall go but I'm thankful to live where there are seasons to enjoy.  Here is one last look at my fall table:

5.  Free time:  Next week is my last vacation week of the year.  I cleverly planned it to coincide with Thanksgiving weekend.  Counting Thanksgiving plus weekends, I have a total of 11 days off!  I've got lots planned, including at least 3, maybe 4 days, that I am not stepping off my home-place for anything.

Remember, I'm in agreement with Tigger who proclaims, "Home is the comfiest place to be."

Also included in my week on the Journey was an event that I can't claim to be a highlight of  MY week. My last chicklet left the nest on Wednesday and moved into her own place.  I am not going to go into a deep depression but I can't claim to be joyous either.  After all, I prayed for 10 years to become a mother, and a mother likes to have her children around. 

However, I am ever one to look on the bright side and focus on the positive.  Her new home is exactly one mile from mine! She hates to cook so intends to be at my dinner table about 4 nights a week.  You can't ask for better than that.  Also, I inherit her closet, extra shelves in the bathroom and linen closet, AND her room will become our new office.

Still ... if I could, I'd have all three kids back home living with me ...

So, how was YOUR week?  Leave a comment or link up at Susanne's blog, Living to Tell the Story and share your highlights.


Joyful Reader said...

I always plan my vacation days to make for more days off in a row. It has been cold enough here that we have had the wood furnace going non-stop. It is supposed to warm up into the 50's the next few day.

Our oldest lives just down the road and is home most evenings for dinner. Makes me appreciate her own place some times. :) I see her enough (daily) that I don't MISS her too much.I hope she never moves away though...

ellen b. said...

Sounds like a good busy week. Cramming a weeks work into three is challenging but I'm sure having those full extra days off is a blessing. I've enjoyed having hubby around today. Oh the empty nest is something interesting to get used to. We keep having our youngest birdie come back to live with us for 6 months at a time when hubby is deployed. How wonderful to enjoy your kids enough to want them around as much as possible!!

Faith said...

Happy Thanksgiving, belatedly, to you!! You sound like you have had a wonderful week of blessings and those cookies are one of MY faves too!!! In fact, they are on my xmas list of must make cookies :) I dread the day when we say good bye to our daughters but I know it is a normal part of their development. As it is, it was hard to see my oldest drive back to her dorm yesterday.....the time goes by so fast!!

Anonymous said...

A full week squeezed into three days? Well done, you! It feels good to have the desk cleared before a long break, doesn't it? I know about those cookies and I love them, too!

Willow said...

You are about half way through your vacation time---I hope you are enjoying your 'comfiest place ever'.

My birdies have been gone a long time. I love knowing they are independent and thriving although I do miss their presence sometimes. Right now one is home for a few days with two littles in tow.

Susanne said...

Oh, if only mine lived only a mile away! What a blessing that is for you! New people in a church is so exciting. Love that you have a dinner so that they can get to others.