Friday, November 22, 2013

F.F.F. - 11.22.13

Lovely Friday has appeared once again.  I hope my readers have had a wonderful blessed

On Fridays, I like to reflect on the highlights of my week.  I try to find at least 5 things that brighten my days and share them with you.

1.  I made it every night!  As I shared with you last week, our church had a series of revival meetings lasting from Sunday to Sunday.  I live quite a distance from church and I knew it would be difficult for me to drag myself out each night.  (Frankly, I always find some excuse to keep me from going out at night more than a couple times a week.  I know, that sounds so old!)  However, I did go each night and enjoyed it immensely.  We had 5 different speakers, and 3 different praise teams minister to us.  It was a blessing!

2.  Great work week:  I had a couple things at work that were hanging over my head, so to speak.  I got those out of the way and pretty much enjoyed a stress-free week, even if it was newsletter week.

3.  Great read: I read Lisa Samson's "The Church Ladies," last weekend and really enjoyed it.  I know a lot of ladies like that ...  Anyway, it had been awhile since I actually lounged around on a Saturday afternoon and read a book. I usually just get to read on my lunch hours at work.

4.  Great food:  Last night, I tried Three Ingredient Brown Sugar Chicken from Deep South Dish.  It was great!  Did I mention it had bacon wrapped around it?  Click on the links  to find the recipe.  You won't regret it! (Of course, I forgot to take a picture of it. - I don't do so well as a food blogger ...)

5. Great words:

Don’t take the presence of the storm in your life to indicate the absence of God.
… seen on twitter

This speaks to me because if things go wrong, my first thought is "where are you, God?"  But He is still here, no matter what the enemy might tell me.  He said "I am with you always even unto the end of the world."  Remembering that helps to calm the storm.

And so ends another week on the Journey.  How did YOUR week go?  Please share in the comments, or link up at Susanne's blog, Living to Tell the Story.


Dianna said...

I'm so glad that you were about to be out to revival meetings at your church every night, Jerralea.

And I am definitely going to check out the chicken recipe!:)

ellen b. said...

Hello Jerrelea! It's been so long. Sounds like you had a very busy week. That chicken sounds real good...

Joyful Reader said...

Revival! That is something I would love for my children to experience. We have not had or been involved in a revival. In fact, I was a teen the last time I even attended one at our church.

It is always nice when our work week is smooth like that. I have those sometimes...

Hope you have a great weekend!

Ceil said...

Hi Jerralea! You had a good week! Today is Saturday, and I'd love to read a book, but I'll be starting the 'big clean' for the holidays. My daughter and her family are coming on Wednesday, Thanksgiving will be at my house.

I had a pretty busy week. Unfortunately, my girlfriend's 24 year old daughter died, it was so sad. A bunch of her friends took on the funeral luncheon, so we were pretty busy. It was a graced time to help, but so, so sad.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Awww...great post! That book sounds very interesting! I'll have to see if I can get it at the library~

Willow said...

Oh, I needed those wise words this week! Thanks for posting them.
I gotta say I am not one for going out at night, so I applaud you for your perseverance--you will be blessed for it.
Happy Thanksgiving (and may you always have a deep cleaned house {: )

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a powerful quote, Jerri. Our pastor was teaching about the wilderness as a place where we learn that God carries us -- now where He abandons us.

Sounds like you had many greats this week! Gonna check out that recipe!