Friday, October 4, 2013

Write Your Story

Home of one of my fave writers - Laura Ingalls Wilder

This morning I was reminded of why I like to write.  I was reading a blog post that told of some homeschoolers who made a video with their great grandparents about family history.  I wish I had done that with my relatives, but sadly they are gone now.

Recording family history can be so important.  Stories of what they did and why could really have an impact on us now if we just had access to them.

I have often felt the various things in my life that have happened had to be for a reason.  Why not use them and blog about them.

After all, no one's story is exactly like mine - or yours.  There are lessons to be learned from each trial and triumph.  Don't let them go to waste!

One of my favorite authors is Laura Ingalls Wilder.  I recently visited her museum and homeplace.  I was surprised to see the little desk where she wrote all her books - by longhand!.  I compared it to my big desk and computer and printer and wondered why I don't have books published as well.

The difference is, she wrote her story.  Perhaps mine won't capture the imagination of generations of children as hers did but it still worth something simply because it is my story.

I just happen to believe that God can use my story, and your story, to encourage all of us.

Write your story - Laura did!


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Tanya Marlow said...

This was such a great motivation to write my story! Thank you - just what I needed!

Jazzmin said...

I am always motivated by things that you write, Jerralea, and this was no different... what a wonderful post! I love Laura Ingalls and she has been an inspiration to me, too, both in writing and in life. To see her as inspiration for writing our own stories and our own history is such a powerful thought... the point you made about each of ours being unique is so true. Everyone should write their story.

This encourages me to write in a different way.

I hope you have a lovely day :)

Blessings and hugs,

Mia De Vries said...

Dear Jerralea
I read that post as well. I was so impressed that it is the father being the home schooler in this instance. I was also so impressed by how that history lesson truly became alive for the daughter doing the interviews with her grandparents and how it gave more meaning and understanding to her own life! This is the way learning is supposed to be; filled with a heart as well as facts.
Blessings XX

Anonymous said...

I am going to write mine! I even think mine could be interesting~ I've been told it is unusual enough~ :) hugs~