Friday, October 18, 2013

Blessing My Family


I can't believe today's word is laundry!  Such a mundane thing to write about - or is it?  The fact is that laundry takes a lot of time out of a homemaker's life.  Hate it or love it, the laundry must be done!  

Brother Lawrence talked about practicing the presence of God while working in the kitchen.  It seems to me you could do the same in the laundry room.  

First of all, you could be thankful because there are people in the world who only have the clothes on their back.  Yet we have hampers full!

You could be thankful if you have a washer and /or a dryer.  There are those who wash their clothes by a creek and beat it on a rock.

You could give thanks for a family who makes the hampers full.  

When my children were small, I used to hang the clothes out on the line in the summer.  I liked the smell of air dried clothes and it also gave me an opportunity to take my little ones out for fresh air.  I sometimes had to bribe them to go back into the house.

Those are some sweet memories.

Later on, when working full time, my oldest daughter took on the job of doing laundry.  I have been spoiled these last few years with not having to think about laundry.

Now that she is leaving the nest, it is my responsibility again.  (I am not doing too well at it - I'm not used to thinking about laundry!)  I've heard it said that you can consider the laundry as a way to bless your family.  I like that thought. It is much nicer to think "I'm going to bless my family today," then, "Good grief, another load of laundry!"

It's all in the attitude.


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Misty Boone said...

My thoughts went the same way. That we should be thankful to have laundry to do. Thank you for posting.

Angel said...

You are so right. "It's all in the attitude." That's sort of the slant I took on my FMF post today. Blessings!

Shannon M. aka "Auntie" said...

Great post. Thanks. :)

Richelle Wright said...


i love praying for the members of my family (or visitors) when i'm doing laundry.


Joyful Reader said...

great points!

Mia De Vries said...

Dear Jerralea
That is so true. We can see a glass half way filled with water or we can see the glass as half empty. It is all a matter of perspective and I have read somewhere today that thankfulness usually starts when we do not have the things we now take for granted. I think doing doing laundry fits that description.
Blessings XX