Thursday, August 1, 2013

Morning Drive

I do not play the radio on morning drives.

This is my time to think, pray and praise.

I love to sing worship choruses and see if they flow into one another. (I'm a worship leader at my church.)

Or sometimes, I list, making a mental to-do list in my head of all that needs to be done.

On a bad day, I waste my time worrying about the past.

Regretting things I said, or things I should have done, or feeling the hurt of someone's careless actions.

Then I shake myself, and firmly resolve to not be offended.

It's my choice.

Dwell on the good, or throw a pity party.

Only one person ever comes to my pity parties, and I don't want him there.

So I choose joy.

It's a beautiful life, overall, and I must live in the now!

Mama’s Losin’ It

This post was written in response to Writer's Worshop prompt, 1.) Your morning drive. (inspired by OKRoserock).  If you'd like to link up, visit Kat's blog, Mama's Losin' It.


Abby said...

Good for you! It sounds like you make the most of your morning drive (except maybe those "bad" days). Your view looks very conducive, doesn't scream "rat race"!

Cindy said...

Thank you, Jerralea for visiting my blog! I loved reading about your morning drive. Whoever meets you after your drive are blessed!

Karen and Gerard said...

I praise and pray on my way to the bus stop in the morning, then read on my way to work. Sometimes I doze off depending on the book. Right now I'm reading PRIDE AND PREJUDICE and it keeps putting me to sleep.

Dyanne @ I Want Backsies said...

I love being in the car by myself. It's a great place to sort things out (there and the shower!). I talk to myself out loud, too.

Mia De Vries said...

Dear Jerralea
I don't drive anymore if it is not necessary with the Fibro, but I still battle to not be the only guest at my pity parties! Not always easy.
Lots of love XX

Mama Kat said...

Oh I love a nice quiet drive like that too!