Friday, August 30, 2013

F.F.F. - 08.30.13

Already, it's the last Friday in August!  Wow!

I've got a big day with tons to do, but a quick Friday's Fave Five where I focus on the highlights of the week is always in order.  Only one pic - hope to catch up with that on next week's post.

1.  Over the weekend we moved three van loads of stuff into Lissa's house - which means less stuff at my house and in our vans.  Win-win!

2. No weight loss this week but I did finish my 17th week of Walk Away the Pounds.

3. Fresh from the garden green beans and "taters."  Yum.

4.  Answers to prayer:  my friend Glenda was able to return to work this week after her emergency surgery and then second stay in the hospital.  Our church prayed for a couple that was in a serious car accident and it was thought the wife might not make it.  God was gracious and they are both alive and on the mend.  We will continue to pray because it will be a long recovery.

5. Quote of the week: 

Today, ask God to give you by His Holy Spirit a sensitivity of speech to impart timely words, sensitive to each situation and seasoned with Scripture. To refine our speech, we must refine the source -- the heart. God-honoring speech comes only from a heart that honors God.
… David Jeremiah, Turning Point Devotional, 08/26/13

 What we speak is so important!  (Also, what we speak to ourselves has a huge impact!)

And so ends another week on the Journey.  Why not post YOUR highlights?  You can link up as Susanne's blog, Living to Tell the Story.


Anonymous said...

We have some of our grown kids' things in our attic - I look forward to moving them to their own attic if they ever get one. :-)

Congrats on your walking! I just started this week.

So wonderful to hear of the answers to prayer.

Love the last quote - speech that honors God and is sensitive to others yet filled with His power and grace are so needed.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Yay for Walk Away the Pounds - and for your dedication.

I know how it feels to get some of your kids' "stuff" back to them!

Have a great week ahead.

Anonymous said...

So many great aspects of your daughter getting her own space :-) Congrats on your steadfastness in walking even when you don't see numerical progress. You are an inspiration!

Green beans and taters look great -- esp if that's bacon I see joining the dish!

Ceil said...

HI Jerralea! I always say when I get rid of stuff around the house, that my house 'loses weight'!

So glad to hear about your friends recovery. Prayers for continued healing!

Happy Weekend!

May said...

Potatoes and green beans freshly picked. Life's simple pleasures are the best.