Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What is Your Zenith?

Every morning, I drag myself out of bed, don my exercise clothes, and start my 2 Mile Express Walk Away the Pounds with Leslie Sansone video. 

"I don't wanna do this,"  I think.  "Just keep it up until the next half-mile meter," I tell myself, "You can quit then if you want."

Somehow I've never stopped mid-video yet.  One of the last things Leslie says on the video is the question, "What are your goals?"

Indeed.  Why am I torturing myself? 

  • so I can be healthier
  • so I can avoid becoming diabetic (I had gestational diabetes 20 years ago which puts me at risk for Type II Diabetes)
  • so I can lose weight
  • so my feet will not bother me with tingling and burning and pain (and it's working - I have had very little pain with my feet in the 6 weeks I've been doing this.)

I wrote a little piece about the word "zenith" for words on wednesdays at The Write Practice that I was going to submit last week.  I ended up never doing that but I suddenly thought of it when I was thinking about "What are my goals?"

The word zenith means the highest point reached by a celestial or other object. It also can mean the peak of achievement.

I thought about high points in one's life, such as

  • Graduation
  • Wedding Day
  • Birth of a Child
  • Promotion
  • A Goal Achieved - perhaps one you fought tooth and nail to accomplish
The trouble with a zenith - or a high point - is that eventually there must be a descent.

How can you progress once you've reached a zenith?

Set another goal.  Life must forever be a time of goal setting.  Once you reach one level, you strive for the next..

Jesus said, "Be ye perfect even as my Father in heaven is perfect." (Matt. 5:48)  An unattainable goal, yet a worthy one.  We have a model of perfection - Jesus. Becoming Christlike is a job that is never-ending. Even when we have retired from earthly endeavors, we can still work towards perfection.

I thought about the question, "What is my zenith - my Life Goal? 

The ultimate, the culmination of any achievement I might make would be the day I'm met at that heavenly gate, and the Master says to me, "Well done, Jerralea, you've been a good and faithful servant."

There is no zenith higher than that.

I'm linking this post with the community of writers at #TellHisStory, because setting goals is part of my story, and my story always leads to Him.  You can link up, too, at


Anonymous said...

I love your attitude! :)

mare ball said...

You are so faithful in your exercise. I admire that. I'm so lazy about it. I do have goals to get healthier, but I lack motivation most days. I keep thinking, when I'm not so busy. But the, I'm always busy!