Monday, February 4, 2013



Outside my window...
a gray-ish day and looking like rain. 43°

I am thinking...although we live in a dark time with morals decaying by the minute (Superbowl commercials ... need I say more?) yet it is an exciting time in human history.  I believe end-time events will unfold in my lifetime.
I am thankful...for enthusiasm.  God designed me with plenty of it!
In the kitchen... chili tonight and beef stew later in the week.  I love when it's cool enough for soup, chili and stew.
I am wearing...purple tank top and cardi, black jeans
I am creating...a bible study based on 1 Peter.
I am looking forward to... our 37th wedding anniversary Wednesday.  I am blessed with a very lovable guy!
I am learning... to wait.
Around the house...peace and contentment.

 A favorite quote for today...

We have to be continually reminded of what we believe. #CSLewis
… seen on twitter

...and the best way to be reminded is to be in the Word ...

One of my favorite things...light.  I love sunlight.  I love having lamps on casting a golden glow in all the rooms.  I love flickering of candlelight.  I want to BE a light.

Matthew 5:16 Contemporary English Version (CEV)

Make your light shine, so that others will see the good that you do and will praise your Father in heaven.

I like this version of Matthew 5:16 because it says "make" your light shine instead of "let" your light shine.  We have to DO good deeds so that others will give praise to God.  This is not a passive thing ...

A few plans for the rest of the week: this is a less busy week, both at the office, and at home, so planning on getting more SOAP tables done ...

A peek into my day...

I like this little vignette of some of my favorite things.  The vase is antique and belonged to my grandmother.  The glass flower frog is also old, purchased at an antique store.  The silver tray and the wax-warmer are yard sale finds - as well at the cart that I'm using for the display. The glass trifle bowl was a gift from Malia.  The funky flower was a Hobby Lobby find - half priced, of course!

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Bobbie said...

Oh my gosh.... those super bowl commericals. I am with you. yuck!