Friday, November 16, 2012


November is the month we often focus on thankfulness.  On Fridays, I participate in an exercise called Friday's Favorite Fives which trains me to look for highlights every week of the year.  I am so blessed that I can list something every day to be thankful for in November, and STILL find 5 different highlights to share each week.

I bet you could, too.

1.  My first day back to work after my vacation, I saw an incredible sight when I parked my van.  Right across the street, the sun was shining through the leaves of a glorious ruby red tree.  It was so amazing that several people remarked as they came by the office:  "Did you see that tree across the street."

God was showing out His artistic abilities that day.  However, I neglected to take a photo of the tree then. Unfortunately, I waited till a lot of the leaves had fallen off ... but, hey!  The leaves make a glorious carpet for the tree!

2.  Along those same lines, I was driving home from work last night (now when the work day is ended, it is almost night ...).  I saw a glorious sunset.  This particular night it was shades of pink all over the sky - usually there is orange present, too, but not last night.  I kept thinking I should pull off somewhere and take a picture; however, I had a meeting that night and felt like there was no time to stop.  Finally, when I pulled into my driveway I did take a couple shots, but the sky was not quite as beautiful at my home as it was while I was driving....Why must I always be in such a hurry?


3.  On Saturday, we had a little dinner party and game night. (Sorry, I have my week's events out of order!) We invited Pastor and his family to come over.  I love to have company over because it forces me to do extra cleaning (well, this time, my sweet hubby did most of it), and I love game nights.  First, we played Apples to Apples, then we did charades.  I think the kids enjoyed charades best.

4.  One of the things I made for our game night was Muddy Buddies (some people call it Puppy Chow).  It was a hit with the kids, and it is one of my favorites also.  You can't go wrong with something that has both peanut butter AND chocolate!

5.  Quote of the week:

The sun looks down on nothing half so good as a household laughing together over a meal. #CSLewis
… twitter

Another gem from C.S. Lewis.  There is nothing I love better than to have my family laughing together at the dinner table!

Thus ends another week on the Journey.  If you'd like to link up, join us at Susanne's blog, Living to Tell the Story.


  1. OH!! I thoroughly enjoyed every single one of your faves!! I especially like game nights here too and those pics are just glorious! i love a good sunset and sunrise! I used to LOVE pb and choc together but for some reason I can't tolerate it very well now....separately yes but together it no longer "agrees" with me. :(

  2. I can't think of a better combination than pb and chocolate;) Wonderful quote!

  3. Wow, that tree is astoundingly gorgeous. That red gets noticed! Your game/dinner night sounds like so much fun -- great fellowship, too! Perfect to accompany your quote of the week.

  4. Great week. I love puppy chow and I love quinoa. I will have to try your recipe for apple-quinoa.

  5. I love C.S. Lewis--he wrote beautifully and insightfully on so many topics.
    Love your pink photos in autumn. We usually associate pink with spring but I see pink often in the autumn palette including leaves and sunsets.

  6. Love that quote! And I love having my family all around the table enjoying good food and each other's company!

    Love that tree! How amazing!


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