Friday, August 24, 2012


Another week has come and gone and it's time to reflect upon the blessings it held.

1.  Last yard sale of the season:  Once school begins, Liss and I quit yard saling for the year.  She does not want to give up her only day to sleep in.  We're usually burnt out with doing it by then anyway.  On our last treasure hunt, we took my mom and aunt with us.  We had a good time, but didn't find that much.  I did find a luggage set so I'm all prepared for that cruise someday.  ;)

I've restrained myself in the dish department all summer, but on the last day, I ran across some cute Psaltzgraff plates in yellow that I could not resist:

$5 for 8 plates - who could resist?

2.  Dinner with the family:  On Sunday, my sister and brother-in-law from Tennessee arrived to pick my mom up and take her back to Florida.  We had dinner together at my home and it was a wonderful time of food and fellowship.  I. Love. My. Family.

3.  Windows open:  We had a brief time this week when it was cool enough to open the windows.  We actually turned the air conditioner off for one whole day!  Since the window was open, the shades were up, too, and I awoke to a sunrise for a change.

The view from my bedroom pillow

4.  On the road again:  As I may, or may not have mentioned, we have had a little bout of vehicle trouble with both vans recently.  As of this week, all issues have been resolved, and the blueberry van is also sporting a new radio/CD player.  This radio actually will play songs off a flash drive.  So cool!  Now, I don't have to have tons of CDs laying around in the van.  It's so nice to drive my own van and not have to be taken to work!  (Why is it, when you don't have your vehicle with you, a million things crop up that you need to go and do, yet you have no wheels?)

5.  Quote of the week:

We don't earn God's ear by our good works. God hears and answers prayer by grace. Don't be afraid to call out to Him when you think you least deserve His help.
… David Jeremiah, Turning Point Devotional, 08.22.12

I praise God for grace.  The longer I live, the more I appreciate grace.  If I had it to do over again, I'd put Grace in one of my girls' names.  It's the most beautiful word, ever!

Have you reflected upon your week?  If you'd like to share your favorites, link up at Susanne's blog, Living to Tell the Story.


Anonymous said...

I haven't been to a yard sale in years. I like sleeping in on Saturdays, too. :-) You found a good deal!

It's so nice when extended family can be together for a bit.

I'm glad the car troubles are all taken care of, with a new CD player to boot.

Love the quote.

mare ball said...

I would use the name Grace too, if I had to do it all again. I, like you, appreciate it more and more, the older I get. :-)

Willow said...

Great quote about grace. I'll remember that!

We stopped by a few yard sales this weekend with the dog we were dog sitting, but unfortunately didn't find anything we wanted.

Good news about the vans!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that view is fantastic! Glorious colors. Your garage sale find is a great deal. Glad your vehicle is back in action -- I'm glad to have mine working, too!