Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kitchen Essentials (A Repost)

One of the blogs I love to frequent is Kate's Centsational Girl.  She is having a Favorite Kitchen Gadgets Link Party this week.

I do love me some kitchen gadgets.  I've been known to drive miles just to visit a kitchen shop.  Pampered Chef is my friend.

I've been blogging since May of 2008 and have shared a lot of my interests over the years, and luckily, I have found a post that I did in 2009 for Works for Me Wednesdays that features kitchen gadgets. 

Without further adieu, here is my post with the essential tools needed if you like to bake: 

I was 20 when I got married and established my own kitchen. At that point in life, I knew how to make 4 items: banana chiffon cake, hamburgers, homemade pizza using a crust mix, and Texas Rice Casserole -- and my hubby hated dishes with rice in them!

I had a lot to learn ...

Over the years, I have learned a lot about cooking and what is needed in a kitchen. I believe that just as a carpenter or mechanic requires good tools to do his job, so should a homemaker have the tools she needs.

Therefore, I have decided to compile a list of what every homemaker needs in her kitchen. (Perhaps someday my daughters will need this list!)

Today, we'll review what I think every kitchen needs for baking:

First and foremost, you need a baking stone - preferably more than one. A lot of the tools I have are Pampered Chef, but I must confess that I own three baking stones, two are Pampered Chef, the other is not. I totally love baking stones and use them several times a week. They're great for pizza, cookies, biscuits and anything you would like to have a crispy, browned crust. Eggrolls turn out great on a baking stone!

Wonder Cup! I think Pampered Chef has renamed it something else now, but it is a measuring cup that you can measure shortening or peanut butter in and then push it out in one clean swoop. If you bake much, you'll love the Wonder Cup.

Next, you need several sets of measuring cups and measuring spoons. For instance, when you make a cake, you use up several measuring cups making the batter. Later, you'll have to wash everything up when it's time to make the frosting if you don't have extra sets. You can purchase extra of these items at the Dollar Tree. I recommend getting stainless steel, though, because I had an unfortunate experience once of having my favorite 1/4 C measuring cup that was made of plastic fall during a dishwashing cycle onto the heating element.

A glass measuring cup with a spout for liquids, preferably microwavable. For years, I just used the same measuring cup for solids as liquids. Then I got a glass measuring cup and it made all the difference!

A good rubber spatula - again I recommend Pampered Chef. You don't want a spatula that over time begins to crumble. Been there and done that. You need an assortment of sizes and don't forget to get one that is a flat on one side to scrape out jars. You want to get the last of that peanut butter!

A full size apron. This is a must, unless you can look like Kelly Ripa in the kitchen. (Do you believe those commercials that have her whipping through the house looking like a million bucks?) I need an apron that covers my whole torso because I tend to get flour everywhere. I happen to have black aprons so that stains don't show. I have 4 of them so I never have an excuse to have a clean apron.

A second set of beaters for your mixer. I admit I don't have this yet, but I am going to purchase this soon. A fully equipped kitchen is a work of art that continually is evolving to meet your needs. Since I bake a lot of cakes, I feel a second set of beaters is essential. Who wants to stop and wash beaters before you can make icing?

A scoop for cookie-making. I'm talking about a scoop that has a lever that pushes all the goodness out into a ball of cookie dough. I have the medium Pampered Chef scoop, but would love the large one, too, for meatballs.

These are just some of the kitchen gadgets that I consider essential!

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