Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday's Fave Five for March 10, 2012

It's a beautiful day in my neck of the woods!  I'm so glad it's Friday, because Saturday is supposed to be beautiful as well. Maybe I can get out some to enjoy it!  I'm also excited because this weekend, we'll be moving our clocks up an hour for Daylight Savings Time.  I love those longer daylight hours.

1.  This week, my favorite post to write was Open Mouth; Insert Foot.  I guess I just enjoy letting my readers know when I mess up!  Actually a lot of my childhood stories seem to be about my brother, so I decided it was time to reveal embarrassing things about me.

2.  Favorite photos of the week:  first up are pictures of the flags our hometown had up for the military funeral of a soldier killed in Afghanistan.

The flags lined the route at different towns the funeral motorcade took, a total distance of 42 miles. I'm proud of our community.  There was a real out-pouring of support for the family.  Many people brought in food and beverages for family meals.  It's times like this that I love being a small town resident of the heartland of America! Rest in Peace, Josh Born!

On that same day, on a different road, crocuses lined the roadway instead of flags.

These pictures don't show the beauty as well as I had hoped.
Take it from me, Spring felt near when I saw them.

3.  Favorite meal of the week: this was kind of a ho-hum week menu-wise.  I guess I could say my favorite thing was the strawberries that I had ordered from the Future Farmers of America.  I had ordered a flat from our niece, Jimberlea. They came in this week.  Not a bad berry in the bunch!  Sweet and berry-red, they have made dessert yummy at least twice so far.  I have two quarts left, so I'll be enjoying them this weekend, too.

4.  Quote of the week:

There are very few women left
who understand the extreme importance of their role as
wives and mothers—and as daughters or grandmothers.
… Jennie Chancey

5.  Favorite new blog:  I just discovered a new blog this morning that I believe will be really enjoyable:  Jamie Miles, South Main Muse. She describes herself as a humorist, which immediately got my attention.  I love me some humor!  I didn't have time to read her blog very far, but I like what I see and can't wait for the weekend to read all her posts.  Do you do that?  When you find a new blogger, do you read all their posts? I do... I hope that doesn't make me sound stalkerish ... If I like someone's writing, I just want to hear all they have to say.

And that's a wrap on Jerralea's week.  I hope you have had a wonderful week, full of favorites.  If you want to share, link up with our lovely hostess, Susanne, at her blog, Living to Tell the Story.


Anonymous said...

I love the small-town honor of having the flags flying along the funeral route.

I've enjoyed seeing daffodils lining the streets, here, too. They're not my favorite flowers, but they're so cheery.

I like when bloggers "keep it real" by sharing when they mess us. We all do mess up sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Yes! When I find a new-to-me-blog I read the past posts too. I Don't feel it is stalkerish at all. I am eager to read more of whatever it was that first captured my interest: humour, recipes, crafts, tips, growth, etc.

Your "Open Mouth Insert Foot" story was well written. I can so relate to learning things the hard way. Thanks for sharing some of "you" with us.

Thanks for sharing that quote. We are female for a reason. And we yield a different power and import to the world than do men.

Susanne said...

The picture of the flags lining the route raised so many feelings. What a lovely way to honor a fallen soldier.

I haven't had too much time to read any new blogs. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Those are lovely sights, Jerri -- a town honoring their dead and spring waking up before anyone else. Those strawberries sound fantastic!

Willow said...

The sight of those flags honoring the soldier are beautiful! Thank you for sharing that.

Spring is coming--daffodils and crocuses are the happiest flowers because they are the promise that spring will arrive!