Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday's Fave Five - 1st Week in February

TGIF!  Lovely Friday!  One great thing about Fridays is the chance to reflect on your week.  We can all find at least 5 favorites in each week.

1. Favorite post to writeCali-for-ni-ay, Here We Come: a fun post about recalling a family vacation that was not-so-fun at times.

2. Fave quote:
Rest time is not waste time. It is economy to gather fresh strength... It is wisdom to take occasional furlough. In the long run, we shall do more by sometimes doing less.
C. H. Spurgeon 

This quote is a real challenge to me because I always want to fill rest time with some type of activity.  Help me. It's a sickness!

3. Fave photo:  We have a couple here at the church that keep our bulletin boards fresh and interesting.  They are so creative!  Here is their offering for February:

I was hoping the picture would show the promises on the candies:  they are things like "God will provide," "God daily bears my burdens" and "God will never forget me."  Sweet!

4. Fave Meal:  On Sunday, Liss and I went to my favorite restaurant, "O'Charley's."  We both ordered our favorite thing, the combo appetizer plate.  I just can't say no to their chicken tenders, load baked potato skins, and spicy fried jack cheese wedges.  The best part is that I could only eat half of it, so I had it all again on Monday!

Oh, let me sneak in another fave - I had Monday off because I had an extra day off coming because of my birthday.  I did have something to do Monday night, but I enjoyed  the day, calling it one of my "lazy Mondays."

5. Fave new blog to visit:  the Gypsy Mama blog.  I love to read her posts about faith and family and her desire to help women.  Go check her out!

I also wanted to mention that this post is actually #100 of the Friday's Fave Five posts that I have written.  I've said before, and I'll repeat it, the FFF group of bloggers is the most fun group to join.  Everyone is so friendly, upbeat and positive.  I learn a lot from them!

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Mo said...

leftovers are the BEST!!

sounds like a good week -- here's to another one!!

ellen b. said...

Well since I was in North Carolina for a while and we went to O'Charley's I know why you like it. It was one of the restaurants we chose to go to twice...
Love that quote by Spurgeon. I like your favorites format this week. Have a wonderful weekend.

Willow said...

I love a restaurant meal that provides enough for the next day.
I have to agree that the fff bloggers are a wonderful group--I'm blessed to belong.
Glad you had a day off for your birthday :) Was it last week and I missed it?

Karyn said...

Glad you had an extra day off this week to practice doing what that quote says! :)

Looks like I'm a bit behind on reading your blog - I haven't seen that post.


Have a good week!

Brenda said...

I love your fav's- the board at the church is so cute, what clever way to decorate! And your fave meal sounds delicious- its making me hungry!