Wednesday, January 25, 2012

God Bumps - How God Gave Us What We Wanted

Last week, I shared how God worked things out for me to have the jobs that I do. My story doesn't end there.  God planned for me to work where I do. I know that without a shadow of a doubt.  Not only am I where I am supposed to be, but God knew that I would need to be here for a future event that would happen.

You know, God's word says that He will order our steps.

"The LORD directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives." Psalm 37:23

Not only did God lead me to the job He wanted me to have, He also made provision for my needs in the future.  He knew what I didn't know.  He knew my church would be such a help to me when our house was flooded this past spring.

First of all, when the flood waters were rising, the youth leader brought the youth group THREE times to my house to sandbag.

Later, after the house was flooded, the music director at our church volunteered to help rip out the sheet rock and put it back.  (He just happened to be a building contractor.)

When we realized our kitchen cabinets were in rough shape, a man that goes to church where I work volunteered to redo the kitchen.  (He happened to be an expert in kitchen renovations, especially in building kitchen countertops.) Another person that attends church where I work volunteered to pay for the materials to do our kitchen!

The youth pastor I work with just happened to flip houses before God called him into the ministry.  He was invaluable to us with all the other remodeling that needed to be done.  He knew the right people to call for the roof, the windows, the siding.  He knew the best place to get the carpet. He walked us through the whole process!

Co-incidence?  I think not!  This was definitely an example of a God-Incidence. Seven years ago, God led me to JFBC.  He took delight in planning every detail of my life, even planning the people that would be working with me when we were in crisis.

For years, we had wanted a new house.  However, we never could decide if we should just remodel the one we had, or try to sell it and buy a newer one.  Indecision had us a standstill. When our house went through the flood, there was no more indecision.  It had to be fixed.  No question about it.  And so, we ended up with what we wanted - a new house - and God sent friends and money to help.

With a God like that on my side, there is no need to worry. I have learned to trust Him.  He has the answer before I even ask!

We're sharing God-Incidences today. If you would like to share how God has worked in your life, link up at Jennifer's blog, Getting Down With Jesus.


joan said...

I love this post, Jerralea. Don't you just love the way God works in our lives. He is always right on time.

Karyn said...

He is awesome, isn't He?

And you are obviously loved - not only by God, but by your co-workers and others whom you serve.

Jennifer @ said...

Jerralea ... Your stories are simply divine. God has His hand on you, and you continually turn around to see where his fingerprints have been placed all over your life. You are in the hands of a loving God.

I'm so delighted that you're continuing to share your beautiful stories.

Sandra Heska King said...

I just love God "happenings." And I love that we share the same birthday and horseshoes and everything. Wow. Happy belated birthday!