Thursday, December 29, 2011

Blogpost Review: 2011

If I were to sing a song about my blogposts this past year, sort of like the 12 days of Christmas, would there be one theme brought up repeatedly?  Sort of like that pesky partridge in a pear tree?

On the first month after Christmas, I wrote about: Janae finding the right job for her (it took her all year to find it, but she did!); traditions; snow days; having a twinkle in your wrinkle; the perfect toasted cheese sandwich; and one's calling in life.  My favorite post of the month was, "Thankful Thursday, What's My Significance."

In the second month after Christmas, I wrote about our youngest leaving home; scriptures that offer support when going through a trial; my fears that no one will remember me when I'm gone; the day I got "heart-attacked" at work; and becoming a two minivan family.  February's favorite post to write was "The Opposite Life."

In the third month after Christmas not much writing was going on!  I did manage to whine about being sick with an upper respiratory infection and discuss my goal of being perceived as normal.  I got a kick out of writing the post, "Sleep, Glorious Sleep," (probably because I had been doing so much of it!)

In the fourth month after Christmas, I discussed Ann Voskamp's book, "One Thousand Gifts;" showed off pictures of my favorite table decorations and a gorgeous shot of my creeping phlox, shared God's providence of keeping a dress I wanted out of my reach until it went on sale; and talked about the work of Christians - believing.   I also shared how the helpfulness of our friends during the rising flood waters touched my heart. My favorite post:  "When I Am In A Mess of My Own Making." 

In the fifth month after Christmas, my inspiration gave to me:  FIVE GOLDEN WORDS .... la, la, la, la, la....

Oops, sorry, got carried away there ....

Actually not much golden was written about in May because that is when we became flood victims survivors. My favorite May post was "Thankful Thursday:  Memorial Day"

The sixth month after Christmas, we were deep in the throes (definition:  hard and painful struggle) of remodeling our flood-soaked home.  Not one blog post got written!

The seventh month after Christmas, I shared about the work and relief of moving back into our own home.  July's favorite post:  "Friday's Fave Five #148."

The eighth month after Christmas, I shared a quote:  "You don't get to choose how you're going to die, or when. You can only decide how you're going to live."  … from the blog of “bcp … My Life.” I also shared pictures of my remodeled kitchen, pictures of favorite landmarks, talked about unpacking the last box, a game night with friends, and the value of silence.  August's favorite post:  "The Pause That Refreshes".

e ninth month after Christmas, inspiration gave to me:  the value of state parks, and building up people with my words.  I shared pictures of the furniture that FINALLY arrived,  a tablescape and the Ohio river. I wrote about the importance of praise and the value of self-discipline, the simple pleasure of a well-made bed, and the fact that I am an alien.  September's most fun post to write:  "10 Things I Would Do If I Didn't Have to Work."

The tenth month after Christmas, I wrote about being a creature of habit, about the value of being an "energetic doer of good deeds," a fallen brother, and spiritual weapons.  I shared pictures of my long-awaited burgundy shutters, an abundance of fall decor, both inside and out, and a new animal print rug. October's favorite post:  "22 Things."

The eleventh month after Christmas brought discussion about our Women's Retreat, a quote by Edison, a scripture concerning being God's masterpiece, sharing a secret recipe for oatmeal, new crockpots and more gorgeous fall photography. I talked about a golden calf with golden toenails, big words, and the time my husband whacked off my hair with a penknife.  My favorite November post, however was a little piece entitled, "My Bed, How I Love Thee."

Finally, the twelfth month after Christmas, inspiration brought to me:  a post celebrating having a whole week off from work, a trip to Oklahoma, a girl with pink hair, my un-favorite Sunday dinner, and a whole lot of Christmas decor. December's favorite post to write:  "Five Things."

And a   p a r t r i d g e   in a pear tree!

That wraps up Jerralea's Journey for the year.  I see that I wrote most often about my faith, but at least 3 times about sleep and my love for my bed!  It's good to know that my priorities are in place!

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  1. You had quite a year. I'm so sorry to hear about the flooding.

    I hope 2012 brings you many blessings :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I'm sorry to hear about the flood, but I'm glad you are well. I hope 2012 is fantastic! One thing I've learned from reading these review posts is that we've all been through something this year. With the help of others we have gotten through and pressed on. We bloggers are sure one strong group!

  3. What a good idea for an end of the year post!

    I think it is hilarious that you wrote so often about sleep/your bed.

    Can't wait to see what the new year holds for you! Hope your next end of the year post contains more joy than struggle.

  4. Stopping by to send you wishes and prayers for the new year.
    I love your way of summarizing the highlights of your blog posts for the whole year. Hard-pressed but not crushed.Praise God for His grace that abounds in all His children.I pray you have more joy-filled memories to count this year 2012.

    Love and blessings from your friend here in Bangkok!


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